2600 Meeting, November 2000

Friday, November 3rd, 2000: 2600 Meeting. There’s really not much to write about but I’m going to write anyway so Pyrotech will quit ICQing me and yelling at me for not updating this page. I brought EvilCal with me tonight and he videotaped everybody at the meeting, hoping we could sell the video to the feds we’re working for. Hi Agent Campbell!@#$% (GREETZ) Something crazy happened with my cell phone – SOMEHOW a bunch of tech support calls for some ISP in the NW got forwarded to my number. I can’t imagine how it happened, phones are just crazy things I guess. So we spent the first hour of the meeting handing the phone around and letting everyone “help” customers with their internet connections. Some famous quotes were:

  • “I think I see the problem – there’s a loose nut behind the keyboard.”
  • “Yeah one of our employees was drinking and he spilt his beer in the mail server.”
  • “I just looked in the mail server and there’s rats crawling around in there chewing on wires!”
  • “You’re having mail problems? Well try dating females then!”
  • You can’t send email to AOL? That’s because we’re pissed at AOL and blocked all mail to them. Sure it’s an inconvenience to you but I don’t care!”

Apparently there were a lot of mail server problems that night so we got a lot of mail related problems. We were very glad that our meeting could help take the strain off the people who usually answer the phones at that ISP. 2600 is here to help! While all this was going on, Spuds was talking to a reporter from the Riverfront Times who was doing a story on hackers. The reporter was oblivious to what was going on right behind him. Even better was when a phone company guy called my phone (oh the irony, a phone company investigator calling a 2600 meeting) asking why I was taking ISP calls. Oh yeah, Black Sun got breadstick refills. He’s cool!

My Defcon 2000 Review

July 2000: I’m stealing this old review of mine from Defcon 8 from UPL021. And there’s nothing linear can do about it!

So I went to this thing called DefCon and now I’m going to write about it. We were stupid enough to book our flights with PriceLine.com which got us better rates but really crappy flight times and days. My flight left Illinois at 10:30pm on Thursday night and arrived at 1:00am Friday morning.

LogicBox was supposed to meet me at the airport but he was 20 minutes late so I ended up leaving with these two old people who were there. Well, actually they were my parents. See, I had never met them before and this DefCon was my first time ever meeting them (long story). So I’m proud to say that I’m probably the only person who’s ever met their parents for the first time at a hacker conference.

I arrived at the Alexis Park Hotel on Friday morning and was lucky enough to get there before the registration line started wrapping itself around the hotel. I paid my money, got my badge and walked around in the lobby. I walked 2 full circles around the sitting area. Then I ventured outside and walked up to the pool. It got hot so I walked back inside for awhile and got a Coke for the low low price of $2.00, tax included. Then I walked around the eating area in circles and back into the lobby. I walked over to
the pay phones and slapped some PLA stickers on the phones. Then I walked around the lobby some more for a few minutes. Much later I walked out the front doors and discovered that I could hang a right, walk along the side of the building and get into the lobby through the side doors or from the pool area. So I did this a few times and then did it again in reverse. Then I walked around the pool area, through the courtyard and to another pool, around that pool and turned around, then repeated the process. From there I walked a few more circles in the hotel lobby. This is where I started to get kind of bored. I walked up to a guy standing by a wall.

“Hi, are you here for Defcon?,” I asked.



I walked back down the hall towards registration so I could walk around the registration lines and see if I knew anybody and a DefCon Goon was like, “You can’t go in there!” and I said “It’s okay, I’m RBCP!!” and he threatened to take away my badge and throw me out. So I had no choice but to go down the street to Subway and have something to eat. I got a footlong sandwich
on white bread, turkey, lettuce and mayo and a large Pepsi. It was really good. On the way back some nerdy kid beat me up for looking stupid. That really sucked but only lasted for a few minutes because I pretended to be unconscience.

I went back to the hotel and made a bunch of phone calls to people who were supposed to be there but none of them answered their phones. After sitting around in the lobby for awhile, The Public and Nekid Amy approached. We walked around for awhile, went up to his room and I got to meet Zens who I hadn’t heard from for awhile. Just an hour or so later I got a call from LogicBox who told me to come into the con room and find their table. Funny, because I’d already passed by his table a few times and had a look at the shirts they were selling but I guess we didn’t notice each other. I went up to the table and stared him down until he said, “Oh, hi!”

Pesto was there and broke into tears and started telling me how much he loved me and how cool I was and stuff. Then he jumped up onto a table and started dancing for me and that’s when I left the con room forever. Okay well, that didn’t really happen. Awhile later I met up with el_jefe and Apok0lyps and I walked around with el_jefe for awhile and finally told him that he was really boring and I was going to go find someone else to hang out with.

That night we geared up for a huge party in barkode’s room! We got all kinds of booze and black lights and a big-ass sound system. Then el_jefe came in and started dancing this scary jig in front of me and soon after that some dude’s girlfriend puked all over the floor. Just as things were getting crazy I noticed that it was after 10:00pm which is way past my usual bedtime so LogicBox said I could stay on his floor at the Excalibur so I went there and went to sleep, however I DID stay up to nearly 11:00pm watching dumb 80’s movies. Man I’m nuts sometimes.

Throughout the weekend, me and Logicbox caused as much trouble as we could on the FRS frequencies. The FCC thought these channels would be used by a few family members at a time to keep in touch at the malls or while camping or whatever. I bet they never thought that a few thousand hackers would all be using the same channel at once. This made for some interesting conversations with people we didn’t know. We kept yelling at everyone to get the hell off OUR channel. They would yell back that it was THEIR channel. We would tell them that we bought the channel from the FCC just last week and we had the receipt to prove it. They would start yelling obscenities and playing tones at us. It was like being on a conf. only on a much larger scale.

We also yelled at girls when they came on the channel, told them that girls didn’t know how to use radios, girls belong in the kitchen and not at hacker cons, girls shouldn’t be wasting time on the radio when they could be pleasing a man. Needless to say, the girls didn’t think this was very funny.

Hmm, so that’s about it for my DefCon experience. I finally got to meet linear but it took so long to find him that by the time we met it was almost time for him to leave. Damn you, linear!


My Defcon 8 paass
Soon after arriving at Defcon I got a call from Cal on my cell phone who told me to meet him out front in a few minutes. I wasn’t surprised to find out that he rides the short bus.
This is one of those stupid I’m Taking A Picture Of You While You’re Taking A Picture Of Me pictures. That’s SlapAyoda. I didn’t take this, someone must have swiped my camera. Damn hackers!
SlapAyoda walking around on the walls in Barkode’s room.
This is the phone in Barkode’s room. It’s got an elite PLA sticker on it. See? That’s why I took the picture okay? Even though it’s all blurry and you can’t even see the stupid thing.
LogicBox and Pozer bridging a couple of walkie talkie channels together hoping to annoy everyone listening.
My birthmom & I, up in the mountains somewhere
In a swimming pool, somewhere in Vegas
Barkode gets a little crazy and tells us that money is insignificant or something and throws a few thousand dollars up into the air saying he trusts us all not to steal it. I pocket a few hundred and quickly go home.
After the money incident, this picture shows SlapAyoda comforting Barkode as if trying to talk him down from a high ledge while Pesto is scooping up money like a madman and shoving it down the front of his pants.
This is a picture of me, Logicbox and Carolyn Meinel. You can listen to Carolyn Meinel’s hilarious ranting about hackers on my sound clips page. I stole this picture from Barkode’s site and there’s nothing he can do about it.

Waffle House

Friday, June 2nd, 2000: 2600 Meeting. Fade’s last meeting here! Yep, fade is taking a new job far far away and won’t ever be back to see us. He’ll be missed! I actually spotted fade on I-170 while driving to the meeting so I tail-gated him all the way to his parking space at the mall. I brought 2 large bags of magazines and a backpack full of cookies which were Colleen Card’s going away present for fade. The cookies turned out to be a 7.5 on Spud‘s Chocolate Chip Cookie Scale which I’m told is a hard rating to come by. Nobody liked my magazines and they all got thrown away after I left. Bastards!

Hmmmm, what else… Oh yeah, Black Sun was too chicken to get Fazoli breadstick refills today because he’s intimidated by the manager there so I called the manager and tried to get him to leave his position there but he was just too smart for us. Either that or he didn’t want to leave his trainee in charge of things while he was gone. Someday we’ll get corporate sponsorship from Fazoli’s and that guy will be sorry. Or something.

2600 Meeting, March 2000

Friday, March 3rd, 2000: 2600 Meeting. I was out of town for March’s meeting but I just happened to be in Chicago for my sister-in-law’s graduation so I picked up my long-time friend iamone and we attended the downtown Chicago 2600 meeting. Actually I attended about 15 minutes of it. Because it took such a long time to get there and I had to be somewhere else by 8pm and wasn’t able to stay too long so it was all rather pointless. But to my surprise, PhusionBYTE showed up there. And when I asked if this was the 2600 meeting he started insulting me so we ran outside in tears. Next month we’re going to show up there and bring a gang of tough guys with us – hey I know we’ll bring the BOWLING TEAM! Yeah, and we’ll make their whole meeting feel really dumb and they’ll be sorry. This will be great.

2600 Meeting, December 1999

Friday, December 3rd, 1999: 2600 Meeting. It started out like any other ordinary meeting, then THEY arrived. A group of about 10 to 15 guys came over and one very hyperactive one (too much kool-aid) went on and on about freeing Kevin, hacking the planet and talked about all kinds of interesting hacker themes. It was hilarious at first but quickly got boring when he ran out of good material and they finally got loud enough to bring security over who suggested that they leave. Their best bit was when they screamed at everyone in the food court to hide their digital watches because we were hackers.

A little while later the same security guard decided to take his lunch break at the table next to ours and got a little peeved that we had two police scanners going that were listening to the mall’s security frequencies. Well, I’ll let Pyrotech tell the rest of the story…

“as we were sitting at the meeting talking about whatever and listening to scanner after the ‘2599’ had abanadoned us after the first security incident, a mall cop came and sat at the table behind me. he said scanners werent allowed in the mall and we had to turn it off and put it away. so we did as he said and all was well. a while later he asked what we were talking about. most likely he heard the word radio and thought we were going to get them back out once he had left. he said that he was off duty after his shift and told us about how he was actually a university city cop working as a fill in for the galleria. he asked if i would like to know why we cant use scanners in the mall. i said sure and he radioed to his friends.

after about 5 mins 4 officers came over and asked who had the scanners and the problem. there were 2 city cops in blue and 2 rent a cop mall fools.he said follow me, so me and blacksun did as he said thinking that he was going to tell us to get rid of them or something measely. instead him and the other cops took us behind the closed doors to a sort of emergency hall. the main cop then used intimidation. (heres where it gets good), first he demanded to see my identification even though i said i didnt have a scanner. he wrote some shit down from my license and asked where im from, how old i am, how i got here, and who i was with. i replied im from highland il, im 16, i drove a car, and i was with friends. he then proceeded to try and act as if he knew me. he told us that he was a north county cop and wouldnt take any shit from smartasses from HIGHLAND ILLINOIS. he then acted as if he knew us from when we used to live in north county st louis 17 yrs ago. he said oh i see that you have moved now, and i replied yes i have, he wanted to know if i was from overland. im pretty sure overland is nowhere near to where we lived which was bellefontaine on jamestown rd.

while he was questioning me he had my id and was writing down some infos as a sort of way to try and intimidate me. he said that we dont fuck around with little smartasses here and dont take crap from anyone. he said that the galleria is private property and so is the radio freqs which they are using. he also said that we dont need to be scanning the freqs because we dont need to know whats going on with “topsecret” police orders. he then proceeded to repeat himself using diffferent words. after that load , he said that he thought it was time for us to “move on to a different mall somewhere down the road”. he returned blacksun’s scanner and my id and then told us where the exit to the mall was (what a nice guy).

this is what happened. he was yelling most of the time and frequently swore at me as a sort of intimidation factor. he was probably thinking something like, hey too little kids from illinois who dont know anything and are smartasses. the excess numbers of police were for pure fright purposes alone. he knew that he could fuck us and we couldnt do anything..he did what was in his power(taking id and kicking us) so we left as illustrated.”

This is Wraith. He is a hacker. His t-shirt proves it! And that’s Fazoli’s to the right. They sell breadsticks. I like them. This is Spuds showing off his favorite soft drink. Click on Spuds to to Spooky Spuds!
The girl at Fazolis told Black Sun he couldn’t have anymore breadsticks so Black Sun is pushing the counter into the unsuspecting employee as she turns her back to him. Click on the picture to see another view. This is bumr. The blurry thing he’s holding is his cellular phone. He tried to save a few bucks by buying the cheap, blurry phone when he signed up for service.
This is LeetHak and Spuds. LeetHak is a ‘Leet Hacker as his name undoubtedly proves.

2600 Meeting, November 1999

Friday, November 5th, 1999: 2600 Meeting. I drug along two people with me to the meetings tonight – my friend Calimar from Texas and Rojo who lives closeby. Spuds is finally back and we finally found the REAL frequencies to mall security by scanning for most of the meeting. The two we found were 464.3750 and 464.9500. The first thing I heard was the dispatcher sending out a guard to make a bunch of kids quit climbing the trees in the front of the mall. Later before we left they were getting some kind of interference and a guy said, “I think the hackers are fucking with us.” This was kind of weird since nobody at our meeting has anything that would interfere with any radios.

Our family-band radio idea seems to be working out nicely. After the last meetings we decided that since Alkamyst & Wraith always brought two-way radios with them that we should all jump on the bandwagon and do the same so that we could all keep in contact with each other. So Spuds got one, I got two for me and Calimar and fade had one. As we were pulling onto the Brentwood exit from I-170 we talked to fade during a breif traffic jam and as we pulled into the parking lot we heard someone (it turned out to be Spuds) saying, “You’re listening to the St. Louis 2600 Meeting radio network!” and a few other things but he couldn’t seem to hear us until we got inside the mall. I’ll be making a new section on this page for useful frequencies to have while in the mall so keep an eye out for that – I found a lot of other cool things while searching for mall security.

2600 Meeting, October 1999

Friday, October 1st, 1999: 2600 Meeting. Quite an interesting meeting tonight although it was smaller than usual and ended early. Two guys from Kansas City, MO came to visit us and I can’t even recall their names. Apparently they hop from state to state visiting all the 2600 meetings or something crazy-nuts like that. And then another new guy showed up whose name also escapes me (I’m 26, my mind is going…) and he helped us set a world record in Fazoli breadstick refills. After Black Sun went up an got a million refills they finally told him no more. So this new guy kept going up and getting more and more and finally the Fazoli’s guy told us that our whole table was cut off. So he buys a big speghetti meal from them which comes with free breadsticks. They usually only start you off with two but somehow he managed to get them to give an entire plate of breadsticks (about 8 or 10). And a little while later he went up and got ANOTHER entire plate of them. So nobody went hungry tonight.

And another bizzare scanner incident happened. Someone had asked me if I could pick up cellular conversations on my scanner and I said sure and starting picking up random boring conversations. Then suddenly we tune in on something interesting – a guy is saying something like, “There are fucking hackers here today! You wouldn’t believe it there’s like six of them sitting around the table right in front of me, it’s so funny! And they’ve got all this stuff.” After looking around for a few minutes I finally noticed it was a kid about 4 tables away from us talking on his cell phone so I cranked up the scanner to full volume so this guy’s voice echoed back to him as he ranted on and on about the stupid hackers in front of him.

Suddenly he looked up at us and saw six hackers silently staring at him and smiling as I held up my scanner for him to see. “Oh my god, I have to go! I’ll call you back okay?!” and he hung up. We all laughed at him and he avoided eye contact with us. The friends he was talking to must have been waiting in line for their food because they eventually showed up staring at our table while the cell phone guy talked quietly to them.

2600 Meeting, August 1999

August 1999: 2600 Meeting. Okay, I know everyone was really worried about this so I’m about to set everyone’s minds at ease – Fazoli’s employees WILL give you breadstick refills again. In fact I think I was the only one to actually purchase breadsticks during this meeting and everyone else just mooched off of my free refill wrappers. Okay now that that’s out of the way –

The meeting was your ordinary meeting so I don’t even know why I update this anymore. Fade was SUPPOSED to be there to show me neat-o stuff to do with all the radio equipment I brought with me but he didn’t show up. A few guys showed up for the meeting who had never been there before and Phusion pissed them off so they muttered, “What a bunch of fags!” and started their own meeting at another table for the rest of the night. It’s like being in grade school all over again! Those people also decided to hand out literature that said, “Don’t Free Kevin, he’s a dumbass” or something like that and the security assumed it was us and came over to lecture us about distributing material in the mall. Fortunately they believed us when we told them that it was the OTHER 2600 group (dubbed 2601 by 2600’s attendees).

One other thing that was REALLY interesting in my opinion was that just a few minutes before I left the mall I turned on my scanner and heard a lady talking to a guy on walkie talkies. The part I caught was, “they’re still sitting around the table and they have a bunch of high-tech equipment with them.” Then a guy replied something that I couldn’t hear as I saw a security guard walking out from the back area near the restrooms looking at us. After that the frequency was silent and I didn’t hear anymore and the guard just passed us giving us the usual curious stare. The weird part was that it was on a frequency like 151.xxx or 121.xxx (I don’t remember exactly) which is not the mall’s listed security frequencies.

So apparently they’re using other frequencies that we don’t yet know about. As I was leaving the mall in my car I heard one of the department stores on a similar (or the same?) frequency asking an employee to go in the back room and get some racks. So maybe it was just a lady from a department store passing through the food court and commenting about us? Whatever the case, I’ll be monitoring a certain frequency range for most of the next meeting…

2600 Meeting, June 1999

2600 meeting pictures…

PhusionBYTE virtually guarantees us expulsion from the mall by writing “Hack Da Planet” on the floor. The lady in the background is the Tray Lady. Every month she walks by and gives us dirty looks for having our junk spread out all over and leaving the tables a mess.

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