2600 Meeting, October 1999

Friday, October 1st, 1999: 2600 Meeting. Quite an interesting meeting tonight although it was smaller than usual and ended early. Two guys from Kansas City, MO came to visit us and I can’t even recall their names. Apparently they hop from state to state visiting all the 2600 meetings or something crazy-nuts like that. And then another new guy showed up whose name also escapes me (I’m 26, my mind is going…) and he helped us set a world record in Fazoli breadstick refills. After Black Sun went up an got a million refills they finally told him no more. So this new guy kept going up and getting more and more and finally the Fazoli’s guy told us that our whole table was cut off. So he buys a big speghetti meal from them which comes with free breadsticks. They usually only start you off with two but somehow he managed to get them to give an entire plate of breadsticks (about 8 or 10). And a little while later he went up and got ANOTHER entire plate of them. So nobody went hungry tonight.

And another bizzare scanner incident happened. Someone had asked me if I could pick up cellular conversations on my scanner and I said sure and starting picking up random boring conversations. Then suddenly we tune in on something interesting – a guy is saying something like, “There are fucking hackers here today! You wouldn’t believe it there’s like six of them sitting around the table right in front of me, it’s so funny! And they’ve got all this stuff.” After looking around for a few minutes I finally noticed it was a kid about 4 tables away from us talking on his cell phone so I cranked up the scanner to full volume so this guy’s voice echoed back to him as he ranted on and on about the stupid hackers in front of him.

Suddenly he looked up at us and saw six hackers silently staring at him and smiling as I held up my scanner for him to see. “Oh my god, I have to go! I’ll call you back okay?!” and he hung up. We all laughed at him and he avoided eye contact with us. The friends he was talking to must have been waiting in line for their food because they eventually showed up staring at our table while the cell phone guy talked quietly to them.

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