2600 Meeting, November 1999

Friday, November 5th, 1999: 2600 Meeting. I drug along two people with me to the meetings tonight – my friend Calimar from Texas and Rojo who lives closeby. Spuds is finally back and we finally found the REAL frequencies to mall security by scanning for most of the meeting. The two we found were 464.3750 and 464.9500. The first thing I heard was the dispatcher sending out a guard to make a bunch of kids quit climbing the trees in the front of the mall. Later before we left they were getting some kind of interference and a guy said, “I think the hackers are fucking with us.” This was kind of weird since nobody at our meeting has anything that would interfere with any radios.

Our family-band radio idea seems to be working out nicely. After the last meetings we decided that since Alkamyst & Wraith always brought two-way radios with them that we should all jump on the bandwagon and do the same so that we could all keep in contact with each other. So Spuds got one, I got two for me and Calimar and fade had one. As we were pulling onto the Brentwood exit from I-170 we talked to fade during a breif traffic jam and as we pulled into the parking lot we heard someone (it turned out to be Spuds) saying, “You’re listening to the St. Louis 2600 Meeting radio network!” and a few other things but he couldn’t seem to hear us until we got inside the mall. I’ll be making a new section on this page for useful frequencies to have while in the mall so keep an eye out for that – I found a lot of other cool things while searching for mall security.

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