Francis G. Blair Elementary School

April 2001: As a kid, I went to a grade school called Francis G. Blair Elementary School in East Alton, Illinois. Throughout my 7 years there, a friend and I planned many ways to bring the school to it’s demise. We designed elaborate blueprints of exactly how we would bomb the school so that everyone would be free. Then we started designing blueprints of a plan to blow up the world. Anyway, my point is that my childhood dreams have finally come true – they recently closed down the school and they have destroyed it.

I was looking through my yearbooks for any references in the signatures about my school-bombing plans because they were widely-known at the time, by both teachers and students. But the closest I can find is where Chris Laboube wrote something about me blowing up the world which is pictured below. These days if a grade school kid talks about blowing up the school they’ll send him to prison for 20 years. Back then blowing up the school was an normal & acceptable topic of conversation. What’s WRONG with the world today!?!

Picture of Blair from the yearbook Another picture of the front of the school One of my yearbook photos A signature from a classmate about blowing up the world
Front of the school destroyed Back of the school destroyed More of the back Total destruction

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