2600 Meeting, September 2001

Friday, September 7th, 2001: 2600 Meeting. Guess it’s been awhile since I wrote about the meetings. Damn, 7 months since I wrote about the meetings, even though I still attend nearly every month. The first thing I noticed when I came to this meeting when I sat down was that bumr was over at Fazoli’s standing in line. As he got closer to the front of the line I called the manager of Fazoli’s and said, “Hi this is Tom from the mall office. We just wanted to alert you to a guy passing counterfeit bills in the mall. He’s wearing a white ball cap and a purple shirt.” We couldn’t see the results, but when we told bumr about it he said that she had held his $20 bill up to the light and studied it closely.

The rest of the meeting was rather uneventful. Elonka showed everyone a bunch of cool vacation photos and bumr gave us all a great history lesson on how much of the the h/p scene all began in St. Louis which many people didn’t seem to be aware of. We argued over the frequencies of red box tones and ate lots of breadsticks. And Spuds wasn’t there because he seems to think ham radio events are more important than 2600. Bad Spuds.

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