Visit from RijilV

Tuesday, June 18th, 2002: Today RijilV and Chris visited me, on their way to Arizona from Michigan. We spent the day harassing Hardees frequencies, Target frequencies, hanging out in downtown St. Louis and trying to start up a UFO hoax/scare. Here are a few pictures…

They arrived early in the morning, parking their cars all over my lawn, despite more then adequate street parking. As I went out to greet them, RijilV was sitting in the lawn with his laptop, attempting to break into my wireless network. One of them snapped a picture of me and Payton swinging. RijilV and I under the Arch.
RijilV and Chris under the Arch Shopping for UFO hoax materials at Wal-Mart Chris and I, constructing our “UFO” out of bags, straws and candles
UFO Flight attempt and failure #1 UFO Flight attempt and failure #2

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