Picnic, City Museum

Saturday, 2-28-2004: My friend Kristine brought her kids over for a few hours during the day to hang out with my kids. They left around 11:30am. Then we went to the park and had a picnic. We stopped by a Casey’s for lots of sandwich supplies, then hung out at the park for about 2 hours. At 4:30pm me, Tricia, my kids, her kid and her niece squeezed into the car and drove to the City Museum. As usual, I was blown away by the number of improvements there since my last visit. I go there several times a year and there’s always new things to do. We stayed until about 9:00pm. This is my first time visiting the City Museum in the evening. They had a campfire with free marshmellows for everyone. That place rules. By the time we got back into town, I was the only one in the car awake.

Payton and Jordyn on the drive homePayton, Jordyn and TriciaPayton and JordynJordyn, Tricia and Emily roasting marshmellows.

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