2600 & Hacking The Internet

Friday, June 3rd, 2005: Left work early to do the farm thing and then went to 2600, probably smelling like chicken poop. We managed to 0wn 2 different people at the meeting. The first was some guy that called Rivalz just to talk to people at the 2600 meeting since he’d never been to the meeting. Rivalz gave us the phone and a few people talked to him. Then we looked on the caller ID, got his number and somebody at the meeting talked his cell provider out of his full name, address and email address. We called him back and messed with him for awhile. He was pretty confused about us ending up with all his info.

Then we hacked the internet! Apparently, these guys set up a line to call “the internet” and they just screw with whoever calls them. After listening to them yell at us for several minutes, we figured out that their number belonged to a university in Washington DC. By simply asking the lady who answered the college’s switchboard, we got the name of the building on campus and the room number that the phone is physically located at. Unfortunately they stopped answering their phone so that we couldn’t let them know we knew who they were.

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