My day has been annoying so far. My key decided to stop turning in the ignition so easily this morning so my car is stranded at McDonalds. The kids and I had stopped there for breakfast and ended up having to take a cab to school. To take a cab across town and back is FOURTEEN DOLLARS! Seven bucks each way. Total driving time was 15 – 20 minutes for the cab. That’s a lot of money for a 20 minute drive.

Later this evening I’m going to go buy some graphite and spray that in the lock, hoping it’ll make the key turn. The key isn’t stuck in the ignition, it just won’t turn. It did the same thing last week but I was able to eventually make it work. This time it’s really stuck. Won’t budge at all. All I can think to do is either the graphite thing or maybe drag a paper clip across the tumblers, hoping to shake the problematic one loose.

At least I can replace the ignition myself if I really need to. Maybe I’ll just put a couple switches in it’s place to save myself a couple hundred bucks. I did that for a neighbor of mine a couple years ago. He didn’t want to spend $250 for a new ignition, so we spent about $20 on wires and 2 switches. One switch turned on the car’s electrical stuff. The 2nd was a momentary contact switch which started the car up. It ruled.

My other car problem I’ve been having for over a month now. The car’s idle isn’t sounding too good. A forum I checked says I need to replace the PCV valve which is easy enough. I’ve just been too lazy to get around to it. I hate hate hate hate hate cars. If I didn’t have kids I would sell my car in a second. My obsessive record keeping shows that I spent $5,250.99 on my car last year. That includes car payments, gas, oil changes, insurance, etc. This year I’ve already spent $703.02 on my car. Cars are evil and I hate them.

In less complainy news, is moved to a new server and I’m really liking it so far. I set up a community thing on it which includes forums, calendar, messaging, etc. It also tells me how many people are on the website at any given time, which is cool. I’m going to use the member system mainly for commenting on all the various pages. It should hopefully work like my existing comment system, with the option of logging in to comment.

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