Yahoo Groups spammer

I run a few Yahoo Groups and one of them is this Prank Calls group. The other day an email comes through it with the subject line of “Profit Opportunity!” and the email contains lots of graphics and links about all the money you can make with PayPal. Occasionally spam slips through. So I log into the group, delete the email and ban the person responsible. Then today I get this email:

From: Ronnie Vinston
Subject: membership

I am having trouble logging in to your group. Was I removed from this group because of the email I sent to all the members. It was only an email that I recieved from someone else about an opportunity to make money through paypal. I thought it would be a good idea to share this with other people. I really wanted to join this group because I like listening to prank calls, not to sell items to members. I hope you would reconsider. Thank you.

I’m not going to bother replying. I just think it’s kinda funny. Usually it’s not members who spam their own groups – it’s people who sign up with intentions of spamming groups until they are kicked off.

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