Spider/Ant Battle

It was a long weekend so I’ll start from today and move backwards. Today we hung around the house mostly. I showed Emily how to make paper airplanes (what 10-year-old doesn’t already know how to make a paper airplane??) and she went nuts making lots of airplanes. They were all colored with patterns and stuff like “Delta” stuff on the wings. And she made a few for Payton too, which he colored. Plus they made mothers day cards for their mom.

We went to the park for a little while but didn’t stick around there too much, mostly because it was dead there. I’d brought my Flash book, too, all ready to spend hours there. The other day Payton got this battery powered “bug vacuum cleaner” which lets you suck up small insects and then look at them through a built-in magnifying glass. Kind of neat.

Well today I found a spider by the front door so I grabbed his bug vacuum and sucked it into the magnifying chamber. We spent awhile on the internet trying to identify the kind of spider it was but had no luck. On our walk to the park, Payton brought it with him and along the way spotted an ant and sucked him into the chamber with the spider. It was so great. They had a great battle while we watched. The spider lunged at the ant and we thought the ant was loosing. After while, Payton started arguing that the ant was winning the battle. He was right, because as we got to the park he released them both and the spider was dead. The ant ran circles around him and once even went up to the spider and drug him on the sidewalk about a half inch. I’ve never watched an ant kick a spider’s ass before.

Yesterday, after Emily’s piano lesson, we went geocaching. I wouldn’t call it a particularly successful day of geocaching, but we definitely had fun. We found one small cache which was magnetically stuck to the underside of a bench in front of a downtown bank. Another cache took us to a park that I’ve never been to where we watched a ton of ducks for about an hour. And yet another geocache took us into the woods for a very long hike. We failed at that one, mostly because the submitter did the long/lat coordinates stupid, but it was a nice deep woods hike. Countykid called during the hike from some airport and told me about some movie star he was hanging out with. Oh yeah, after the bank geocache we went to the Albany Museum across the street which was entertaining for about 15 minutes.

Hmmmm, guess I did Friday already. That was the wasp day.

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