Cell phone eraser

Today Emily showed me a cell phone eraser that she got for getting a perfect score in spelling. The eraser opened up just like a real clamshell cell phone and even had writing on the screen. And there was even a phone number on the screen to simulate calling someone. Emily said her friends recommended calling the number to see what it was. Figuring it was just a standard “555” number, I took the phone and looked. It wasn’t a 555 number but it was a number that I immediately recognized. It was the number to the White House switchboard! I used to prank that number in the early 90’s, trying to get them to transfer me to Willy.

Why the hell would they put that on a kid’s toy eraser? Emily was all ready to call the number when she got home. And I would have let her if I didn’t recognize the number. How weird…

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