George Harrison

Brad Carter: i downloaded the entire george harrison discography last night. and it’s 99.9% completed. and the ONE track that isn’t complete is from the one album that i really wanted.
Brad Carter: dammit
Brad Carter: 1.27 gigs of george harrison and it’s gotta be the song i want that’s not completed
Spessa: Which song?
Brad Carter: fish on the sand. from his Cloud 9 album
Brad Carter: not the best song on the album, but still…
Brad Carter: i viewed all the peers sharing it with me and they’re all 99.9% complete. so it’s unlikely it will complete
Spessa: I liked that when i was in 7thgrade
Spessa: I listened to it on my walkman at the dentist
Brad Carter: yeah i loved that album. i asked for it for my birthday but i couldn’t wait for it so i shoplifted it.
Brad Carter: then i had 2 copies
Spessa: Hah!
Spessa: This is payback
Brad Carter: hehe. must be
Brad Carter: stupid God
Brad Carter: or maybe george harrison’s ghost fucking with me
Spessa: George is waggling his finger from the grave
Brad Carter: what a jerk

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