School is fun, I’m enjoying it. Jarod, a guy from class, came over for a few hours yesterday to work on a project. We’re giving a 45 minute speech on paraphrasing and summaries, basically teaching an entire class. Lazy teacher. He had some hilarious ideas and our speech is going to rule. I’m going to make buttons to hand out after the speech that say, “Brad & Jarod taught me Paraphrasing”

The kids and I went to see a movie yesterday. Open Season. It was funny. Crazy how many computer animated movies are coming out each year. Today we had piano lessons, then went on a tour of all 4 Albany fire departments. Went for groceries. That’s about it. Been hanging around the house the rest of the day. Emily is playing an online PS2 game right now (Ratchet & Clank) with a 7-year-old boy named Bob The Killer.

Jammie is calling me!

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