Cute tiny dogs

You know what I’m seeing a lot of these days? Cute girls walking around in stores carrying teeny dogs in their arms or in carriers. Like they’re all inspired by Paris Hilton to get tiny dogs and take them everywhere. I saw one in Home Depot today and one in Target a week or two ago and at the post office numerous times. Are non-service animals even allowed in places like this? Why don’t the rules apply to these girls? I want to trip them.

Worked with Payton on riding his bike today. He doesn’t know how to ride yet, but he’s inspired by the awesome bike he got for Christmas. He’s getting really good at it now. A couple more days and he’ll be on his own. But since it rains just about every day here, a couple days will probably take a few more weeks. I got quite a workout, running next to his bike for 30 minutes.


  • Reminds me of the song Stupid Girls by Pink.

    About a month or so ago, I saw a commercial for those awful Bratz dolls using the equally awful song Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne.


    WTG Payton! Stay off the sidewalks, RBCP’s kid is mobile! ;)

  • You really should ask Target about the dogs, I guarantee if you do you wont be seeing them anymore. ^_^

  • Lie, tell the stores your allergic. A week later I found notices telling them to not bring pets in. On top of the notice all ready posted.

    But a year later the cycle has started over.

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