7-Eleven complaints

At 7-Eleven, a customer in front of me was complaining at the cashier because they turned the pizza ovens off too early at night. He kept hitting his fist on the counter to make his point, so I started doing it along with him and he kept eying me, but didn’t stop yelling at the cashier. He started walking away from the counter, still complaining, and I picked up his keys and said, loudly and obnoxiously, “Don’t forget your keys, MISTER COMPLAINER!” He shut up and came back to take them from me, looking like he wanted to hit me. It ruled. That really made my day. Even moreso than this Slurpee and hot dog. Oddly enough, the cashier didn’t seemed amused by my behavior at all. If I worked there I would love for someone to shut up a loudmouth customer.


  • I wish I was brave enough to do something like that when someone is yelling at a cashier! Do they actually think the cashier making minimum wage is in charge of the store?

  • Tuesday 26/07/2011, at about 09:50 this morning, I filled my vehicle up.( $50.00 dollars worth) used my debit card as normal, walked out the font door checking my receipt i noticed cash out $100.00 this disturbed me i went back in the store and explained to the bloke i didn’t get cash out what is going on , he looked at the receipt and said sorry and proceeded to give me $100.00 dollars cash i said i don’t want money he said i will refund it back to your account i said forget it give me the money…… To be honest with you he was trying to rip me of i am going to take it further not happy with the situation….PS normally the shop keeper asked if you want cash out. you say yes or no, very strange to me….

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