Aug 09

Baby Rattles

When I was in grade school, my teacher started us on a fun craft project. We made baby rattles! How do you make a baby rattle? It’s easy! Take a normal incandescent light bulb and paper-mache the entire thing. Then you paint it bright, happy colors. After the paint dries, you smash it against your desk so that the glass inside shatters into a hundreds of tiny glass shards. And that makes it rattle!

Yes, in the early 70’s / late 80’s, it was completely acceptable for your teacher to suggest that you give babies GLASS to play with. Of course, it was completely safe, being wrapped up in PAPER. What could possibly go wrong?


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  1. Timpani

    Hilarious! So, are you gonna make one for my baby then? On second thought, she causes enough trouble on her own, no need to throw some broken glass into the mix!

  2. John

    huh. i have no mememory of this event.

  3. RTF

    One thing about grade school teachers which is just as true now as it was in our day: most of them HATE children, and would kill all the little fuckers if they could.

  4. Renae


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