Soda machine hacking

Today I hacked my first soda machines! Emily and I tried to do one at the laundry mat over the weekend but it wouldn’t work. Today we were walking along the street and spotted a couple soda machines inside some office building. So we went inside and managed to get into the menus on both of them. We didn’t know what half the stuff meant since I hadn’t completely read through the instructions the other day, but it was fun.

Stopped by Pizza King, hoping to win a Crash Bandicoot plush thing that was in the claw machine over the weekend, but it was gone. I spent $2 on the claw and won nothing. And I did so good over the weekend, winning 2 things, each on the first tries. Stopped for ice cream, went by the park, then home to watch some Dead Like Me season 2.


On the way to the park yesterday, the kids and I notice water running alongside the curb and into a drain. Quite a bit of it too. Figured it was just somebody watering their lawn too much or washing their car or whatever. A couple hours later, on the way back home, we notice it’s still pouring in there pretty strongly. Looking up the street, it appears to be coming from nowhere. So we walk up the block to investigate.

Apparently an underground pipe burst and the water was seeping through tiny cracks all over a large part of the street. You couldn’t actually see the water coming out, but it was. Walking across the wet spot on the road was like walking on thin ice. The road visibly cracked more as I went across and made neat crunching noises. You could see the water coming out of all the cracks on the parts that you stepped on. Luckily it didn’t all collapse and kill us.

This morning we were walking in that area again and decided to see if it had been fixed yet. It hadn’t. Some old lady and her cat was sitting by her back door so I went over to talk to her while the kids continued to watch water leak from the street. Eventually the kids came over too. The old lady seemed extremely happy that anyone bothered to come over and say hello to her. I think I made her week. She thanked us for coming by and said to stop by again.

Today we did laundry. And I made my best batch of waffles ever. Yesterday we ate at Pizza King while listening to bad karaoke. We walked there and back which was about 20 minutes each way. At lunch we had BTH and we walked through a giant antiques market thing they had going on in the streets. I think other stuff happened this weekend but I can’t remember any of it. I bought a TV this evening. $119 for 23″ is just too good to pass up. So far I’ve used it to listen to about 2 hours of podcasts. Money well spent.

Kids, vacuuming, Ipod, Luvox

Kids and I walked to Henderson Park again today. I read Blacklisted 411 while they played. Afterwards we walked to Hasty Freeze for ice cream. Stopped by a fountain to hang out for awhile and learned we could really screw up the fountain by stopping the flow of water to the drain. Colleen drove by, noticed us and stopped by to hang out for awhile. She left and we went to get our ice cream, then walked home.

Vacuumed the hell out of the house today. I just bought a vaccum cleaner last week after living here for 10 months. 10 months of hair, dirt and whatever else in the carpets.

My Ipod rules. Having my entire music collection in one tiny device is still amazing to me. I’m sure it’ll wear off soon. Especially if I don’t get to keep it. I’ve been updating my ID3 tags all day so that the music is organized better in the Ipod. I’d be nice if it would just organize it all into folders, like I have on my hard drive. But it won’t do that. Organizing by ID3 tags will be nice, though, once I get them all updated. Itunes makes that fairly easy.

Yesterday I put the 12 CDs I own on Ebay. So far they’re up to $3.05 total. Those have been sitting in my car, unused, for over a year now.

Luvox Phreak might be visiting me this weekend. She’ll know for sure tomorrow, so I get a day’s notice if she’s gonna show or not. If not, I’ve got a lot of shit I need to get done around here. And work is suddenly really busy.

Lego skyscraper

Kids and I built a giant lego tower this week. From the table it stands 68 inches tall and comes just a millimeter from touching the ceiling. From the ground it stands 96 inches. It includes a working motorized windmill (cause you see those on real skyscrapers all the time) and an observation deck. This one should make quite a mess when it gets knocked down.

giant lego towergiant lego towergiant lego tower

giant lego towergiant lego towergiant lego tower

giant lego towergiant lego towergiant lego tower

Our current state of Legos…

A week or 2 ago an atomic bomb, combined with giant killer robots, exploded the Lego town we’d had for at least 6 months. So last week we started rebuilding. I did most of the exterior of the buildings and Emily did most of their furnishings. Below are pictures that I took this evening.

Lego TownLego TownLego Town

Lego TownLego TownLego Town

Lego TownLego TownLego Town

Lego TownLego TownLego Town

Sun dial

It’s been in the 70’s for weeks now. We haven’t really had any hot weather at all this year. Until yesterday – it finally got in the 90’s. Today it’s 100 out which is the forecast for most of this week. Kids & I went to the Corvallis pool yesterday. Had to stand in line to get in for 30 minutes. Their pool kicked ass and was cheap. Only $10.25 for all of us. But they closed at 4pm. WTF is up with that?

Not a whole lot else going on this week. Got the kids hooked on Daria since I downloaded 5 seasons of that. Stayed inside all day today except for a quick lunch at Wendy’s. Thank God for central air. When I was looking for a place to live 8 or 9 months ago I couldn’t decide between washer and dryer hookups, a free outdoor pool or central air. I’m very happy I picked this one.

Yesterday as I was outside checking the mail, something made me decide that turning the big lamp post outside our door into a giant sun dial would be a great idea! I don’t know why. So I explained to Emily how a sun dial works and she immediately began marking the hours for most of yesterday. Then today we filled in all the blanks that we missed from swimming and this morning. Here’s a couple pictures of the completed timepiece:

It’s hard to see in my shrunken pictures, but the numbers go all the way out onto the curb and into the street a little. Luckily the dirt side of the clock is all night time so that part doesn’t matter. There is no rain in the forecast for at least 5 days. So people walking down our heavily trafficked sidewalk will be able to enjoy our work for at least the next week.

Emily TP promo

Emily was on the Twisted Pickle show this morning for her promo. Click here to listen and forward to about 4 minutes 25 seconds.

I was going to do a promo for Corby but Emily won’t let me cause she doesn’t want the competition. So I made one for Nate and Di instead.

Oddly enough, the very morning after Emily submitted her promo last week, I got this email from Corby:

Sup Brad, how are things? Just got a great submission
for my recently posted contest but I think they
sent it to the wrong address. I think this actually
goes to you…

Attached was a promo for PLA radio which can be heard on this page. It’s the #5 promo by Evan.

In other news, yesterday was really exciting because I installed a ceiling fan in my office.

Cell phone eraser

Today Emily showed me a cell phone eraser that she got for getting a perfect score in spelling. The eraser opened up just like a real clamshell cell phone and even had writing on the screen. And there was even a phone number on the screen to simulate calling someone. Emily said her friends recommended calling the number to see what it was. Figuring it was just a standard “555” number, I took the phone and looked. It wasn’t a 555 number but it was a number that I immediately recognized. It was the number to the White House switchboard! I used to prank that number in the early 90’s, trying to get them to transfer me to Willy.

Why the hell would they put that on a kid’s toy eraser? Emily was all ready to call the number when she got home. And I would have let her if I didn’t recognize the number. How weird…

Annoying Ebay guy

Today I got a private message from someone on Ebay named Bingo1996, who I sold something to about a month ago. Since that transaction, this person has sent me 4 similar messages. They were…

May 6th: Hi, Just wondered if you return feedback, Thanks

May 12th: Hi, interested in other pins but would like feedback from last purchase first so I know you appreciate my business, Thanks

May 17th: Saying thank you to your customers with positive feedback is a nice thank you for their business. Thanks, I left a very nice one for you.

May 26th: Hey, How about some nice feedback, like I left you, Thanks

So after today’s message, I finally decide to leave feedback so he/she will leave me alone. I leave positive feedback that says, “Buyer has been bugging the hell out of me to leave feedback. I hope you die.”

About an hour later, I get this message back:

That feedback comment is very uncalled for & I hope you die as well, what an asshole!!!!! Don’t look for anymore business from myself or anyone I know. Boy you picked the right user name, but leave off the phone part and just call yourself LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some people you just can’t please, no matter what you do. Tonight I noticed that Bingo left a followup to the positive feedback he/she left me last month. It says:


I left a reply to that which says, “We hooked up, made love, and I dumped her. Not my fault the sex was horrible.”

Today the kids and I went to see Over The Hedge and X-men 3. Both excellent movies. Over The Hedge restored my faith in kids movies. All the kids stuff has been so sucky this year. That was a great movie, though. X-Men was great too and Jammie rules for making me watch 1 & 2 last weekend.

Spider/Ant Battle

It was a long weekend so I’ll start from today and move backwards. Today we hung around the house mostly. I showed Emily how to make paper airplanes (what 10-year-old doesn’t already know how to make a paper airplane??) and she went nuts making lots of airplanes. They were all colored with patterns and stuff like “Delta” stuff on the wings. And she made a few for Payton too, which he colored. Plus they made mothers day cards for their mom.

We went to the park for a little while but didn’t stick around there too much, mostly because it was dead there. I’d brought my Flash book, too, all ready to spend hours there. The other day Payton got this battery powered “bug vacuum cleaner” which lets you suck up small insects and then look at them through a built-in magnifying glass. Kind of neat.

Well today I found a spider by the front door so I grabbed his bug vacuum and sucked it into the magnifying chamber. We spent awhile on the internet trying to identify the kind of spider it was but had no luck. On our walk to the park, Payton brought it with him and along the way spotted an ant and sucked him into the chamber with the spider. It was so great. They had a great battle while we watched. The spider lunged at the ant and we thought the ant was loosing. After while, Payton started arguing that the ant was winning the battle. He was right, because as we got to the park he released them both and the spider was dead. The ant ran circles around him and once even went up to the spider and drug him on the sidewalk about a half inch. I’ve never watched an ant kick a spider’s ass before.

Yesterday, after Emily’s piano lesson, we went geocaching. I wouldn’t call it a particularly successful day of geocaching, but we definitely had fun. We found one small cache which was magnetically stuck to the underside of a bench in front of a downtown bank. Another cache took us to a park that I’ve never been to where we watched a ton of ducks for about an hour. And yet another geocache took us into the woods for a very long hike. We failed at that one, mostly because the submitter did the long/lat coordinates stupid, but it was a nice deep woods hike. Countykid called during the hike from some airport and told me about some movie star he was hanging out with. Oh yeah, after the bank geocache we went to the Albany Museum across the street which was entertaining for about 15 minutes.

Hmmmm, guess I did Friday already. That was the wasp day.

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