2600 Meeting, November 1999

Friday, November 5th, 1999: 2600 Meeting. I drug along two people with me to the meetings tonight – my friend Calimar from Texas and Rojo who lives closeby. Spuds is finally back and we finally found the REAL frequencies to mall security by scanning for most of the meeting. The two we found were 464.3750 and 464.9500. The first thing I heard was the dispatcher sending out a guard to make a bunch of kids quit climbing the trees in the front of the mall. Later before we left they were getting some kind of interference and a guy said, “I think the hackers are fucking with us.” This was kind of weird since nobody at our meeting has anything that would interfere with any radios.

Our family-band radio idea seems to be working out nicely. After the last meetings we decided that since Alkamyst & Wraith always brought two-way radios with them that we should all jump on the bandwagon and do the same so that we could all keep in contact with each other. So Spuds got one, I got two for me and Calimar and fade had one. As we were pulling onto the Brentwood exit from I-170 we talked to fade during a breif traffic jam and as we pulled into the parking lot we heard someone (it turned out to be Spuds) saying, “You’re listening to the St. Louis 2600 Meeting radio network!” and a few other things but he couldn’t seem to hear us until we got inside the mall. I’ll be making a new section on this page for useful frequencies to have while in the mall so keep an eye out for that – I found a lot of other cool things while searching for mall security.

2600 Meeting, October 1999

Friday, October 1st, 1999: 2600 Meeting. Quite an interesting meeting tonight although it was smaller than usual and ended early. Two guys from Kansas City, MO came to visit us and I can’t even recall their names. Apparently they hop from state to state visiting all the 2600 meetings or something crazy-nuts like that. And then another new guy showed up whose name also escapes me (I’m 26, my mind is going…) and he helped us set a world record in Fazoli breadstick refills. After Black Sun went up an got a million refills they finally told him no more. So this new guy kept going up and getting more and more and finally the Fazoli’s guy told us that our whole table was cut off. So he buys a big speghetti meal from them which comes with free breadsticks. They usually only start you off with two but somehow he managed to get them to give an entire plate of breadsticks (about 8 or 10). And a little while later he went up and got ANOTHER entire plate of them. So nobody went hungry tonight.

And another bizzare scanner incident happened. Someone had asked me if I could pick up cellular conversations on my scanner and I said sure and starting picking up random boring conversations. Then suddenly we tune in on something interesting – a guy is saying something like, “There are fucking hackers here today! You wouldn’t believe it there’s like six of them sitting around the table right in front of me, it’s so funny! And they’ve got all this stuff.” After looking around for a few minutes I finally noticed it was a kid about 4 tables away from us talking on his cell phone so I cranked up the scanner to full volume so this guy’s voice echoed back to him as he ranted on and on about the stupid hackers in front of him.

Suddenly he looked up at us and saw six hackers silently staring at him and smiling as I held up my scanner for him to see. “Oh my god, I have to go! I’ll call you back okay?!” and he hung up. We all laughed at him and he avoided eye contact with us. The friends he was talking to must have been waiting in line for their food because they eventually showed up staring at our table while the cell phone guy talked quietly to them.

2600 Meeting, August 1999

August 1999: 2600 Meeting. Okay, I know everyone was really worried about this so I’m about to set everyone’s minds at ease – Fazoli’s employees WILL give you breadstick refills again. In fact I think I was the only one to actually purchase breadsticks during this meeting and everyone else just mooched off of my free refill wrappers. Okay now that that’s out of the way –

The meeting was your ordinary meeting so I don’t even know why I update this anymore. Fade was SUPPOSED to be there to show me neat-o stuff to do with all the radio equipment I brought with me but he didn’t show up. A few guys showed up for the meeting who had never been there before and Phusion pissed them off so they muttered, “What a bunch of fags!” and started their own meeting at another table for the rest of the night. It’s like being in grade school all over again! Those people also decided to hand out literature that said, “Don’t Free Kevin, he’s a dumbass” or something like that and the security assumed it was us and came over to lecture us about distributing material in the mall. Fortunately they believed us when we told them that it was the OTHER 2600 group (dubbed 2601 by 2600’s attendees).

One other thing that was REALLY interesting in my opinion was that just a few minutes before I left the mall I turned on my scanner and heard a lady talking to a guy on walkie talkies. The part I caught was, “they’re still sitting around the table and they have a bunch of high-tech equipment with them.” Then a guy replied something that I couldn’t hear as I saw a security guard walking out from the back area near the restrooms looking at us. After that the frequency was silent and I didn’t hear anymore and the guard just passed us giving us the usual curious stare. The weird part was that it was on a frequency like 151.xxx or 121.xxx (I don’t remember exactly) which is not the mall’s listed security frequencies.

So apparently they’re using other frequencies that we don’t yet know about. As I was leaving the mall in my car I heard one of the department stores on a similar (or the same?) frequency asking an employee to go in the back room and get some racks. So maybe it was just a lady from a department store passing through the food court and commenting about us? Whatever the case, I’ll be monitoring a certain frequency range for most of the next meeting…

2600 Meeting, June 1999

2600 meeting pictures…

PhusionBYTE virtually guarantees us expulsion from the mall by writing “Hack Da Planet” on the floor. The lady in the background is the Tray Lady. Every month she walks by and gives us dirty looks for having our junk spread out all over and leaving the tables a mess.

Texas Vacation 1999

May 1999: Colleen, Emily and I drove to Rockport to see Evilcal. First visited San Antonio for awhile, then Round Rock to see Jeff & Monica. Pictures below…

Emily & Knight in San Antonio Feeding the birds in Corpus
Stopping for gas My new PLA hat, purchased in San Antonio Lots of tornado damage driving through Moore, Oklahoma
Emily and Colleen at Ripley’s Believe it or Not. San Antonio, Texas Emily at the hottub EvilCal, Emily and Brad in Rockport, Texas In some hotel room

A few 2600 meetings, 1999

Friday, January 1, 1999: 2600 Meeting. Well, I had actually planned to make it to this meeting but it snowed all day and the news put out a major weather advisory telling everyone to stay indoors unless it was absolutely neccessary to go outside. Of course I wimped out and didn’t make it to the meeting but I guess that was a good thing since the mall closed at 6:00 because of the weather.

April 2, 1999: 2600 Meeting. Okay we have a major problem now – Fazoli’s will no longer give away free breadstick refills without buying an entree. What the hell is an entree?? Does it seem right that we should have to pay 34 cents for every breadstick? Oh yeah about the meeting. Nothing interesting happened. Phusion sat at another table to hit on a couple of pre-teen girls and security came over and harassed HIM. The guy asked to see Phusion’s ID because he was smoking. When Phusion showed proof that he was 18 years old the security guard made up a new rule that you have to be 21 years old to smoke in the mall. Hahahaha, you suck Phusion. Mall security guards don’t like you, you must feel like shit, eh?

PhusionBYTE Being hounded by security. god of dirt, rbcp, fade & xenomorph
god of dirt god of dirt, rbcp and fade hiding

Friday, May 7th, 1999: 2600 Meeting. I got my usual order of breadsticks from Fazoli’s today but they weren’t light and fluffy like they usually are. They were kind of burnt and crispy and tasted a little stale. You might think this would be an isolated incident, maybe a new cook in the breadstick kitchen or something but the thing is that I was at the Fazoli’s in Alton just a few days ago and the breadsticks were the same. Could Fazoli’s have released a memo to all their stores with a new breadstick recipie? Say it isn’t so! I would try to organize the 2600 meeting to hold a ralley demanding the return of good breadsticks but for some reason everyone at the meeting thinks I’m a moron. I just don’t understand…

2600 Meeting, December 1998

Friday, December 4, 1998: 2600 meeting. I only stayed at this meeting for an hour because I had other important things to do like go to the watch store to replace the dead battery in my watch. I had planned to go back down there but my 2-year-old daughter insisted that we go to McDonald’s immediately and of course she won. Kinda sucks because I missed meeting bumr by only an hour or so. Ah well…

2600 Meeting, November 1998

Friday, November 6, 1998: 2600 meeting. Even with Phusion dragging along a big gang of Highland, Illinois guys, today’s meeting was kind of small and nothing really all that great happened. I think we managed to tick off the manager of Fazolli’s by getting our free breadsticks over and over and over with a different person each time. Security kept their distance like they’re supposed to, probably because Vampyre stayed home. Damn, that guy is bad luck. Now that I think about it, it was probably a really great meeting but I left at 7:30 for fear of missing my bedtime so I probably just missed out on all the fun.

2600 Meeting, October 1998

Friday, October 2, 1998: 2600 meeting. Spuds doesn’t show up so of course bad things happen. About 45 minutes into the meeting, a young security guard walks up to our group and stands there for a few seconds. “What’s going on here?” he asks. Everyone stares in silence. This is a weird thing because our group has always been rather tame and security has never seemed to bother us before except the incident two months ago where one of the older guards came over and politely asked us to stop pointing our laser pens at the people on the escalators.

“You guys can’t be sitting here like this,” he says. “Like what,” we ask. He tells us we have to sit at the tables and can’t have our chairs pushed away from the tables or out in the isles, although I glace around the food court and notice that we’re not the only ones breaking this rule. Everyone complies and the result is about 4 little miniature 2600 meetings instead of the usual big 2600 meeting. No big deal, nobody complains and after he leaves we have a good laugh about it. Then a few minutes later, the guard comes back with reinforcements.

He brings another guard with him, points to Vampyre and says, “That’s the one.” This is Vampyre’s first time to a 2600 meeting and we’re all wondering what’s going on. The guard makes him stand up, then tells him he needs to put his coat on because the back of his t-shirt has foul language on it. This is true so Vampyre puts his coat on and that’s the end of it. Security kind of left us alone the rest of the night but they kept walking by and giving us evil looks every 15 minutes or so.

Other than that, it’s your average boring meeting. Lots of people show up, a bunch of gang bangers walk over to one table and tell Wraith, “You the ugliest motha fucka I ever seen” and informs us all that halloween isn’t until the 31st. Everyone immediately whips out their Day Runners and organizers to jot down this bit of useful information as the gang bangers leave. I go home around 9:00 so if anything interesting happened after that, I sure missed it.

St. Louis Trip

One day, in 1989, my parents and brother left for the day. I forget where they went, but a couple of friends and I decided to make a full day vacation out of it. At 5:30 in the morning I could hear everyone outside of my room getting ready to leave. As soon as they were out of the house and pulling out of the driveway, I was calling up Shonna and Casey and getting ready to leave. We came back to my house for a few hours and performed a bunch of karaoke with my brother’s sound equipment. Then we decided on an all day trip to St. Louis. We took my brother’s car and visited the zoo, the science center, the Arch and some kind of museum. We returned at some point in the afternoon/evening. Here are a few pictures from the day…

Before leaving for our trip, we spent a few hours at home. Me and Shonna – click this one to see the promotional Ghostbusters 2 Hardees cup! We were in my brother’s room, using some of his sound equipment to perform songs. This is Casey doing Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Train.
Casey running down the steps in front of the Arch Me, Shonna and Casey – we probably asked some stranger to take this picture. Casey under the Arch
Casey and Shonna in front of the museum fountain Me and Shonna Shonna and Casey – I think this is at the St. Louis Zoo

Note: I listed this entry as 01/01/1989, but really I have no idea which day it actually was.

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