Pepsi Ruined My Life!

Here’s one picture of our fridge so full of Pepsi that we hardly have room for anything else. On a clear day you can see the really cool magnet from Roy, New Mexico stuck on the freezer door.
Another fridge picture. If you look closely at this one you’ll notice that our oven is also packed full of Pepsi.
What do you keep above your kitchen sink? Frosted Flakes? Cookies? Baby food? Well we used to but that all changed when the Pepsi arrived.
Since I scanned these pictures, we’ve actually had to get rid of the spices on the spice rack and replace those with Pepsi too.
This used to be the bread drawer but running out of space in all the other cabinets and our garage forced us to store Pepsi here too.
Here’s Colleen Card pointing and clicking like a truely elite hacker on our Pepsi littered desk. Please note that this picture was taken before I built the elite desk.
A closer view of our sticky equipment buried under Pepsi cans. This is actually the day that I cleaned up.
You have to click on this one to really see how brown the keyboard is from all the Pepsi we’ve spilled on it over the years.
And of course we’re always very earth-conscience about our Pepsi drinking. Here are several bags of our recycled Pepsi cans from earlier in the month.

Hi there. This is an old page, I really shouldn’t bother linking it from my homepage anymore but I do anyway. It was made in 1997 and you’ll be relieved to know that now in 2002 we’ve fully recovered from the Pepsi Attack and are doing well. I could explain the story behind the cans but I’d rather just keep everyone guessing. On 10/11/2002 one of my favorite sites,, linked to this page. You can click here to read the horrible, hurtful comments Farkers made about me. Or you can click here to return to my homepage.


  • explain the story!

  • this is fake. rbcp says he took a crate of pepsi and put it in places just for the picture. there is not that much there. he said this in phone show 5/18/2009 “pointless dino clips”

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