Things I’ve Written

I do a lot of writing when I have the time and I’m bored enough which happens often. Most of what I’ve written are for underground publications on the net that nobody has ever heard of. Here’s a list of articles, stories and other things I’ve written.

PLA Issues: I didn’t write everything in PLA, just most of it. Anything that’s credited to RBCP, RedBoxChiliPepper or not credited at all is most likely mine unless otherwise stated. PLA was published from around 1994 to 1997 but my articles in it date back to 1992.

Interview in Swing Youth: In the December 2000 issue of Swing Youth there’s a small interview with me and a few other people.

Confessions of a Beige Boxer: Before PLA became really popular I submitted this story to 2600 magazine. It appeared in the Spring 1996 issue and is also known as PLA014.

Department Store Phones: This article appeared in issue #3 of System Failure and details all the fun you can have on department store phones.

Reverse Searches on Unlisted Numbers: This is another one I wrote for System Failure which appeared in issue #10.

Interview in Damage, Inc. In the July 1999 issue of Damage, Inc. there’s an interview with me and another with Logic Box. It’s in issue #16 and mostly just talks about the PLA and the current h/p scene.

My Book: The old version of PLA The Book. I’ve scrapped this idea and started working on a new one.

The Boulder News Frenzy Archive Unless you’re a diehard PLA fan or one of those JonBenet Ramsey freaks you probably won’t enjoy reading the BNF archives. The 12 issues of BNF detail the apparent takeover of a JonBenet discussion board by the PLA & Friends. It’s humorous reading if you take the time to read them all. Issues start in August 1997 and end in January 1998. But did it ever really end…

Pink Fluffy Phreaking Bunnies This is just an archive of things I find interesting. It started out as a ‘zine called Peachey Incorporated which detailed the life of some girl on IRC we used to bother but evolved into a parody phreaking group. Still updated.

Stealing Domain Names A few weeks before I wrote this some guy with a grudge against the United Phone Losers stole the domain. I figured out how he did it and stole it back. Then he stole it again and so on and so on. This article is a security alert about people stealing domain names, how easy it is to do and how YOU can steal any domain name you want. Written on 11/25/99. I started Alton Online in early 1999 out of boredom and because I thought the area needed something like it. It was a newsletter for area computer users that contained articles, letters and local web sites. We sold a small amount of advertising space and distributed about 4,000 copies every 3 or 4 months. More or less everything was written by me. But I got bored with it and quit, now it’s just a web site with whatever I want to put on it. I’m hoping to put something up on the main page that’ll piss off the locals since I get a lot of hits now.

Automated Harassment This is something I thought up while playing around with a few of those web-based “wake up” services and web-based fax back systems. The idea of putting many phone lines out of comission without doing any work is rather appealing to me. Kind of like the denial of service attacks against Yahoo and Ebay, only it affects telephones instead of computers. Written on 5/29/2000.

Automated Harassment Update Here’s an update to my previous article on automated phone harassment. I also did most of the news in this issue. Written on 6/30/2000.

Review of Defcon 8 I attended the yearly computer hacker convention called Defcon during the summer of 2000. Here’s my reivew of it. Written in August 2000.


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