A few 2600 meetings, 1999

Friday, January 1, 1999: 2600 Meeting. Well, I had actually planned to make it to this meeting but it snowed all day and the news put out a major weather advisory telling everyone to stay indoors unless it was absolutely neccessary to go outside. Of course I wimped out and didn’t make it to the meeting but I guess that was a good thing since the mall closed at 6:00 because of the weather.

April 2, 1999: 2600 Meeting. Okay we have a major problem now – Fazoli’s will no longer give away free breadstick refills without buying an entree. What the hell is an entree?? Does it seem right that we should have to pay 34 cents for every breadstick? Oh yeah about the meeting. Nothing interesting happened. Phusion sat at another table to hit on a couple of pre-teen girls and security came over and harassed HIM. The guy asked to see Phusion’s ID because he was smoking. When Phusion showed proof that he was 18 years old the security guard made up a new rule that you have to be 21 years old to smoke in the mall. Hahahaha, you suck Phusion. Mall security guards don’t like you, you must feel like shit, eh?

PhusionBYTE Being hounded by security. god of dirt, rbcp, fade & xenomorph
god of dirt god of dirt, rbcp and fade hiding

Friday, May 7th, 1999: 2600 Meeting. I got my usual order of breadsticks from Fazoli’s today but they weren’t light and fluffy like they usually are. They were kind of burnt and crispy and tasted a little stale. You might think this would be an isolated incident, maybe a new cook in the breadstick kitchen or something but the thing is that I was at the Fazoli’s in Alton just a few days ago and the breadsticks were the same. Could Fazoli’s have released a memo to all their stores with a new breadstick recipie? Say it isn’t so! I would try to organize the 2600 meeting to hold a ralley demanding the return of good breadsticks but for some reason everyone at the meeting thinks I’m a moron. I just don’t understand…

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