Stranded in an airport

Got up at 5:15am, got the kids up and we left for the airport. We got there to find that our flight had been canceled because of weather. Luckily, we got on a flight leaving just 30 minutes later than planned. But for whatever reason, they ended up putting us in first class which was nice. We had a layover in Denver and our 2nd plane was also in first class. Emily cried when we got to Oregon because she didn’t want to go. I got on a flight and was in Minneapolis by about 7:30pm. Once again my flight got canceled but this time I was stuck in the airport until 10:30 the next morning.

So I spent the night in the airport. I slept a little, watched some TV, played on the internet and IMed friends with my phone. Anyway, I was hungry and all the food places are closing so I looked at some vending machines and decided on Animal Crackers. But all I’ve got is a $10 bill and they don’t take those! So I move to the stamp machine and I OMG HAX it. I buy a 37 cent stamp and get back 9 gold dollar coins and 63 cents.

Then I use one of the dollar coins to buy Animal Crackers, hoping the machine will take dollar coins. It does. And I expect to get my animal crackers and 25 cents back. Instead I get my animal crackers and 4 quarters back! OMG! So I do the same thing and it happens again – a bag of animal crackers and 4 quarters. I do it again, same thing. I do it again, only with Fritos but I only get a quarter back for that. So I’ve got an unlimited supply of animal crackers tonight! I bought 3 more bags just because I could.

I can take all these quarters, load them into the stamp machine and I’ll probably get a bunch of gold dollars back as change. I went to an identical food machine and the animal crackers were in the same slot in the machine (C-0) so I tried it on that one but it didn’t work.

The only problem with this whole thing is that I don’t really LIKE animal crackers that much. I ate 2 bags and I’m full. I could buy out the entire supply of them from that machine but what the hell can I do with them? All I can think of is to sell them but that hardly seems worth the effort. What do I do?? I would post a picture of all these animal cracker bags comically spilling out of my backpack, but that’s too much effort for me.

Emily and Payton, enjoying 1st class

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  • Haha, that’s so cool. I used to OMG HAX this machine at a gas station near my house all the time. It was one of those ones that you put and quarter in and watch as it hopefully pushed more out. Except I would use those fake plastic quarters that you can get at dollar store, so I would win every time. It was cool.

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