Driving to Texas

Set my alarm for 6:00am but ended up waking up at 5:30am instead. But that was good, it got me on the road quicker. Today I’m driving to Texas to witness my friend Cal getting hitched. My plan is to ruin/stop the wedding in some sort of spectacular fashion. He just doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into! Any sabotage plans anyone would care to email me are welcome. I might just kidnap him for a couple of days until this whole wedding thing blows over.

flat tireOn the way down my front-right tire blew out just before I reached Lebanon, Missouri. It didn’t just slowly go flat like they usually do, it just suddenly went kablewie! Luckily I didn’t spin out of control and flip my car a few dozen times. That would have been cool, though, especially if it happened in slow motion like in the movies. When I pulled over and looked at it, it was smoking. I got my spare tire on in a record 15 minutes. I used my phonebook CD-ROMs to locate a crappy little discount tire store 10 miles up the road. Then my GPS to get me there. I ended up getting 2 brand new tires for a total of $85.00. Last year when a tire blew out on my way to Montana, I spent over $100 for just 1 tire. But I didn’t have GPS then, to guide me to a crappy little discount tire place. GPS officially rules now.

As the old man at the tire shop was trying to run my debit card, he cursed at the machine a few times and then told me he’d be right back. I watched him walk across the parking lot to the telephone pole, open a box on the pole and start fiddling with the wires inside. A minute later he came back, tried it again and it worked. He really should consider calling the phone company…

In the end, my blown tire cost me just an hour of lost driving. I got into Oklahoma City at 4:30 and visited a friend for the rest of the evening. Tomorrow I’ll finish my drive. And this weekend, I will attempt to save Cal from the evil clutches of marriage.

Oh yeah, everyone should go listen to all the music on hotkarl.com. I downloaded everything from his media page last night and listened to it a few times on my drive today. He’s just like Eminem, only white!

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