Jammie & #rock

Wednesday, May 25th, 2005: Since I’ve been back, nothing too exciting has been happening. I’ve mostly been working a lot and doing very little else. I’ve been emailing Jammie a lot and catching up on the past 9 years with her, which has been nice. She visited me in 1997 during a road trip through Ohio and I haven’t really talked to her much since then. Oh yeah, I should correct my entry above – Jammie is not actually the founder of #rock. She gave me a nice little history of the channel so I’m now sharing it here since it’s such an important part of PLA heritage! Hopefully she doesn’t mind…

I was not THE founder. I was like… I guess 3rd? How it happened… back in like September 1995 (I think) I got on the internet and got one of my friends to set me up on irc. I was usually on #stuy95 (my high school) but they were kinda boring and didn’t pay enough attention to me so I went searching for greener irc pastures.

So I went onto #teen and just sat around looking for someone interesting to talk to when KCobain came into the channel and said he wanted people to start a channel with him called #rock. Me being the grunge maven that I am was all for it. So I left #teen with KCobain (who was 12 yrs old and later changed to vel0ciTY) and joined #rock. The only other person in the channel with me was Z3nsless1 or however he spelled his screenname. KCobain went to go recruit other peeps and me and hank bonded.

First few months it was a cool little rock channel. Lots of people came in that were un-PLA related and it was a lot of fun. Made some friends from that time that I still keep in touch with. Then a few months later hank gave ops to apok0lyps and zak and well… the rest is history. Man, I hated you guys :)

Isn’t this just the most informative journal entry ever?? Back to my boring life…yesterday I met a couple old friends and we ended up eating at Subway together. That’s about the highlight of my week so far. I came home from vacation to a slightly corrupted hard drive on my office computer. I have all my important stuff backed up so it’s not that big of a deal, but what a pain in the ass. Windows XP won’t boot. I went to Target and bought a new 160 gig hard drive that I haven’t gotten set up yet. I’ve been running off of the laptop since I got back. I think I might get to work on making my office computer work before I get to bed tonight.

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