Sunday, July 31st, 2005: Finished my book and then took the kids swimming all day. Stayed until 7pm. Payton is suddenly really brave in the water. He’s under the water all the time (with and without goggles), keeps jumping in from the side, constantly wants me to take him into the deepest water and let him go and he took at least 20 rides down the waterslide today. A month ago he was afraid of doing any of that – he would freak out if anyone touched him in the water and he refused to try the waterslide. So I guess the swimming lessons paid off, even if he can’t actually swim yet. Maybe next year. To the left is a picture of him being brave.

Oh yeah, I brought my PHP Bible book with me but didn’t get much reading done. Emily saw it sitting upsidedown on our chair and says, “PHP? Does that stand for Phone Losers of Philidelphia?” I don’t know where she came up with Phone Losers of anything. I never tell her about any of that stuff and she’s never been on the website as far as I know. Maybe Colleen talks about PLA a lot.

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