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Wednesday, October 5th, 2005: In a spur of the moment decision after spending an afternoon and evening being really bored, I decided to go New York this weekend. So nice how cheap flights remain even though gas is $2.99/gallon. I might see Jammie while I’m there if I happen to have any time left over for her. I arrive on Saturday and stay until Tuesday night.

RTF or Murd0c, if you happen to be in the city Monday or Tuesday, maybe we can get some lunch or something. At least one of you has my cell phone email and number.

12:17pm – As I was standing in line to pay for my Pepsi at Piasa Pantry, I was accosted by Bank Girl. All of a sudden I’m being hugged a lot and she’s inquiring “Waddup, dog?” to me. Months ago, we dated a few times. The very day after date #1, she shows up at my house at noon to bring me lunch. Unannounced. She spends the entire lunch hour with me at my house. Five hours later, she gets off work and comes straight to my house. Unannounced. I don’t remember how that ended but I’m sure I tried to figure out the nicest way to say, “Um, I’m kind of busy here. Go away.” to her.

I think it was the next evening, after she got off work at her 2nd job at 11pm, she tries to call me. I didn’t answer. 10 minutes later someone starts ringing the doorbell. I don’t answer that either. I expect her to start throwing pebbles at my window any second, but thankfully that doesn’t happen. Eventually she goes away. We went on a couple of dates after that and I managed to convince her that dropping by unannounced would probably always be a bad idea. Eventually we stopped dating when I used the copout excuse of “I’m moving to Oregon soon so it’s pretty pointless to pursue anything.” Instead of the honest excuse of, “You’re a psycho hosebeast and we have not one single thing in common.”

2:50pm – I knew it! I knew they would do it! The cable company accidentally shut off my internet. A few days ago when I was in the cable office shutting off the TV portion of my connection, I carefully confirmed with her several times that I was just shutting off the cable TV. Not the internet. I told her how last year when I turned off my TV after the summer, they accidentally turned off my internet too. And it took them several days to come back out and turn it back on. Well, they’ve done it again. Damn them!

On the bright side, the customer service lady that I just spoke with was incredibly nice and actually believed me when I told her what happened. She didn’t force me to go through the hour-long troubleshooting process. She didn’t blame my computer or my router. She just believed me.

So I’m using my backup bluetooth cell phone connection now and its speedy 56kish connection. The cable company is going to be here tomorrow morning to fix it. For some reason they can’t just call up the guy that accidentally unhooked it and tell him to turn around and fix what he just did. They have to set up an appointment. So I lose my internet for 24 hours this time. I really hope the cable company in Oregon is better than this.

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  • Nice recap of 2005, wow Bankgirl? I didn’t notice any previous posts about this. Is there a back story to Bankgirl(obviously you met her at a bank)? New York is fun but I think its seriously overrated. I remember in 2005 I was pissed about the gas prices being 2.99 per gal, and in a strange way I wish the country was still at that price. I’m paying about $3.45 per gal(on regular gas) now. Goddamn price keeps going up.

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