Leaving New York

Tuesday, October 11th, 2005: Jammie wasn’t feeling good this morning and called into work. Her fever was gone by noonish and we went to Rosa’s for lunch. Been laying around together a lot today, watching TV mostly. Jammie is asleep again right now on the couch by me. It’s actually kind of a nice close to my visit. She would have worked until 6pm, then taken me to the airport afterwards. We would have only seen each other for a few hours for the entire day. So yay for sickness!

Current Music: Mya – Ghetto Superstar
Past Music: Was Not Was – Dad, I’m in Jail
Future Music: Stuart Nye – Cake for Breakfast

8:11pm – Jammie easily convinced me that JFK sucks. She can’t even come inside the building without having a ticket, so I’m sitting here for the next 45 minutes by myself, waiting for the plane to leave. That’s 45 minutes of our time completely robbed from us! Damn terrorists. On the upside – I didn’t have to take off my shoes for security. I guess they’re not worried about sneakers.

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