My favorite podcasts

I’ve been a real podcast whore since about January. It’s pretty much all I listen to lately. I barely even listen to music anymore, although I’m sure all this is just a phase. Here’s a few links to podcasts that I’ve been on or pissed off or whatever…

RBPC Show Episode #9 There’s a whole story behind this one which was lost when the RBPC Show forums crashed last month. And I sure don’t feel like going into it right now. But it has to do with their forum members accusing me of cheating on my Podcastalley votes. If you fast forward to 4 minutes and 25 seconds, you’ll hear them spend a minute talking about what a cheater I am.

RBPC Show Episode #10 Fast forward to 4 minutes and you’ll hear an angry voicemail message from me. I don’t do angry too good, though. I think Pez thanks me on the end of this one too. Click here for more RBPC Show episodes.

Lazy Radio Episode 2.11 About seven minutes and 40 seconds into this show, Melissa & John play Relay Operators in Love on their show and talk about how immature and mean relay pranking is. Here is more Lazy Radio for you.

BellCore Radio Episode #21 P(?)NYB(?)Y strains to convince listeners that PLA Radio isn’t that bad. Listen to more BellCore Radio. If there’s an RSS feed for this show, I sure can’t find it. P(?)NYB(?)Y, make a feed!

PLA Radio Goddammit, if you’re reading this journal you better be listening to PLA Radio or YOU’RE NOT MY FRIEND.

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