Here’s an FYI…you’re all gonna die…

Payton woke me up at 6:50AM today. Dammit. Why? “Dad, can I play San Andreas?” OF COURSE YOU CAN, LEAVE ME ALONE UNTIL AT LEAST 8:00! I made that very clear tonight at bedtime. I’ve been tired all day, even though I fell asleep at one point this morning and had a nap. Today was no school. Payton played PS2 for 3 or so hours straight while Emily slept all morning. Ran some errands, visited the post office, paid the rent, went to the park, had a picnic, played frisbee, went to volleyball practice, Target for groceries…and that’s it.

Not much happening with life lately. That’s why I don’t update the journal too often anymore. The biggest news is that the nearly 6 months of nonstop rain has finally stopped. It’s been really nice out for the past week and there hasn’t been any rain. Today was in the mid 70’s.

In PLA news: I’ve been working on a new podcast project for the past week or so and I should have a new PLA Radio out maybe this week or next. I’ve also done quite a bit of work on the site lately – mostly on the forums.

Somehow I mentioned to Payton the other day, just in passing, something about the Terminator. He seemed interested so I told him all about the storyline of the Terminator movies, how the T-1000 was liquid metal and the time traveling and all that. So finally I just end up downloading it and we all sit down and watch it. I don’t think I’ve seen the kids enjoy a non-kid movie like that in quite some time now. He talked about it a lot today. Once I get my DVDs out of storage, I’ll have to show them the cool deleted scenes. It’s always nice when they’re so into something that I’ve always enjoyed myself.

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