Surprise visit

No kids over the weekend so I planned to just hang around the house a bunch and work on boring miscellaneous projects which would mostly involve sitting on the couch and using the laptop for a few days straight. Saturday afternoon, while I was talking to Jammie on the phone, there’s a knock at the door. In an annoyed voice I tell Jammie to hold on while I see who it is, thinking it’s probably going to be my neighbor asking for weird stuff as usual. But it’s not. It’s Jammie!

Jammie flew across the country and then managed to find her way to Albany using a bizarre combination of Amtrak, Greyhound and some taxi service. All without me knowing until she showed up at the door. It’s probably the most surprised I’ve been in many years. Saturday is also what we consider our 1 year anniversary. So holy shit, Jammie shows up for the weekend. And she brought me gifts! 4 containers full of Malted Milk. The kind that I can’t seem to find anywhere in Albany.

jammie and brad geocachingOn Saturday we ended up going on a hike a mile into some woods to retry on that geocache that me and the kids failed on the previous weekend. And we succeed! It wasn’t my fault that last weekend was a failure – the coordinates were a little backwards. Hiked even further into the woods after that, until the trail ended. I think we went to Abby’s pizza on Saturday too. Or maybe that was Sunday.

On Sunday we went to Blockbuster Video, then Hollywood Video, in search of X-men. Neither of them had it. I’ve never seen it and Jammie wanted to prep me for the upcoming X-men 3 movie that’s coming out next weekend. Walked to Fred Meyer and found a copy there for $8.00. Then walked to Rite-Aid to buy lots of Pez. Then Big Lots, then back to the car. I forget the rest of Sunday. Applebees maybe? Watched some X-men on TV? Half an episode of Knight Rider?

Today I woke up first and Jammie slept in for another 3 hours, which gave me plenty of time to get work stuff done. Went to BTH for lunch, took it to the park by downtown to eat. Then explored the woods in that park. (There was a trail through the woods from one side to the other.) Stopped by Rileys to play a few video games, browsed at a couple of stores. Watched X-men 2 later in the day. Hrmmm, what else. That might be it. Left for the airport this evening, stopping at Denny’s for dinner. Hung out in the airport with Jammie for 30 minutes before heading back home.

Bedtime. Thanks Jammie, you’re the best.

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