I’m in Illinois

The flight was okay. Our 2nd flight was delayed by an hour, which isn’t too bad of a thing. My brother & his girlfriend picked us up. Before I left, I listed a few things from storage on Craigslist and some lady came by today to pick up my old washer & dryer. And our old Christmas tree. Went shopping with mom, dad took me to storage. Later I drove to St. Louis to drop off a FedEx envelope and then went back to storage to organize a few things. Stayed there probably two hours, going through boxes, labeling them, and taking pictures for Craigslist.

My mom showed me an old jacket of mine this evening. Said she was going through a closet the other day and found it. I recognized it as the jacket that I wore in Jr. High. The thing was, the jacket had a speaker sewn into the back of it. Like, facing towards whoever would be behind me. And there were wires running through it, into a hole in the pocket.

In the pocket was a small jumble of wires, connected to a battery, a push button, and a piezo buzzer. This was all sewn into the pocket area. There was also a spare battery in the pocket. Pushing the button made the piezo buzzer work (yes, after 20 years it still buzzed). I’m not sure what the speaker was for but it was wired to a 1/8″ jack and wasn’t a part of the rest of it. As far as I can tell, anyway. I have no idea what any of it was for. I think I remember sewing the speaker into the jacket but I don’t remember what it’s purpose was. Here’s some pics…

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