Suicidal Cat

The cat is up there playing, biting on the wood and running back and forth. Any second now he’s going to fall off.

This morning I fixed myself a healthy breakfast of cornflakes, covered with as much sugar as possible. I went in my room to eat and shut my door so the cat wouldn’t try to steal any. When I came back out 10 minutes later, I could hear the cat meowing frantically. I finally found him inside the fridge. Good thing he didn’t sneak in there right before I left the house for the day. That’d be such a bummer to find a dead cat in the fridge.

One comment

  • My friend had a cat one time that hopped in a floor freezer one time.She came home a hour later,looking for her cat.She found him,stiff and frozen.Her kids about died when they found the cat.I had a cat hop in a fridge once.About 15 minutes later I heard the meowing and opened the door and out he flew,covered in tomato soup that had been in a bowl covered with Saran Wrap.The cat never tried to get in the fridge again.

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