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I just installed a plugin that allows people to subscribe to entries here. If you sign up using the form below, you’ll receive an email each time I post something. And what could be better than more junk email, right? I promise not to sell your address to spammers unless they offer me at LEAST $100,000.

I’m going to set this up on too. Right now I’m using a 3rd party email system for PLA posts and I’m sure that even though they swear they don’t spam, they probably do or they sell subscriber’s email addresses. So this is cool and I’m stupid for not doing it sooner.

And in other news…for some reason last night, the nonstop Yahoo messages of HAPPY NEW YEARS! really annoyed the hell out of me. It started at 9pm PST from the people on the east coast. Every blog I read wished me a happy new year too. To protest the new year, I went to bed at 10:30, read for an hour, and fell asleep. Then the cat woke me because the fireworks freaked him out.

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