I’m a suspect in a murder!

Don’t you hate when you wake up and the first thing you read on your computer is that you’re a suspect in the murder of Jonbenet Ramsey? Man, I sure do. Check out all this video evidence against me. This guy has really put a lot of effort into proving that I’m the ransom note writer. And it’s not a joke either! The guy totally believes it and he claims to have taken his evidence about me to the authorities. He puts all this effort into comparing my handwriting with the ransom note. Even though some of the writing he’s comparing by other people who’ve sent stuff to me. (PLA fan art, contest entries, pictures, etc.)

He’s sure that Cuervocon 1997 didn’t happen that and instead we all had a PLA party in Denver, Colorado, which led to the murder of Jonbenet. I haven’t laughed this hard in a really long time. I needed this. Thanks, Richard! I wrote a bit about the whole thing on phonelosers.org which links to the most interesting stuff. I can’t wait to see his next video. Maybe he’ll even address my mocking entries about him!

My morning has been completely wasted on this. Listening to all the videos and writing about it on PLA. You’ve thrown my whole day off, Richard Cardo! At least I woke up early today.

Evening update: Here’s a couple forums that are talking about the videos…

320Sycamore.com Forums Here’s a discussion about the video series. This is the one that showed up in my logs this morning, which alerted me to all of this.

WebbSleuths forums Our old friend Jameson apparently is having a discussion with herself about this video series.

Thankfully, neither of them are saying, “OMG, this guy is right!”

This guy has spent, at the very least, months on all this. Combing my sites for clues, finding all those handwriting samples and pictures, cutting and pasting all the handwriting stuff together for the video presentation. Some of those screen captures were from about 2000 and then other parts of his evidence were from at late as 2005. This guy has been dedicating time and energy to me for EIGHT YEARS. That is completely insane. What a complete waste of his life. I think the guy desperately needs a girlfriend or a hobby or SOMETHING. Sheesh.

By the way, I just installed the logging system on WordPress that allows me to find this kind of stuff last night. It’s been over a year since I’ve bothered to check logs on my homepage. I set it up right before I went to sleep last night. So this is what I found after just 8 hours of it running. Imagine what kind of crazy shit I’m going to find after it’s running for a WEEK.


  • O_o Is it real or is in Internex?

    I just wasted a lot of time watching those videos too. You must have *really* made his butt hurt.

    I left a comment on his profile since comments (and, interestingly enough, embedding) on the individual videos is disabled. Here it is in case he doesn’t approve it:

    A banner ad for my website is in one of the screenshots in one of your videos (Part 12 at 4:43). Can I be a suspect too? I could use the hits and attention. Thanks!

    Of course, you made me post that comment as well as this one being the evul mastermind you are.

    Gotta go feed your sharks with lasers on their head,

  • Is he affiliated with the Ramseys? If so, I would sue him. Team Scamsey have thrown numerous innocent people under the bus for this crime.

  • I dunno about this Brad, the evidence seems pretty conclusive. Are you SURE you never killed any little girls then fucked around with all the obsessed old catladies on the internet about it?

  • He didn’t fool all of us though. Thanks for posting at our website and thanks for the laugh.

  • You should just confess and get it over with…on youtube.

    PLA TV 4EVA!

  • You are going to download those videos before they disappear, right?

  • I was SO relieved to hear (on the very last second of the very last Youtube video.) that you probably didn’t actually kill her, but rather just planned the kidnapping. THIS I believe since the kidnapping didn’t actually work out.

  • http://www.webbsleuths.org/dcforum/DCForumID79/295.html#28

    Wow, that bitch will say anything to try and ruin your life, huh?

  • well, hes got me convinced…jk

  • Imagine quite how stupid Cardo must be. He uncovers a sinister mastermind computer hacker/child murderer who’s not only managed to evade the authorities for over a decade now, but is a complete unknown in the case. So what does he do? POST IT ON YOUTUBE! If Brad really was the killer, I wouldn’t count on ever hearing from our buddy Dick again.

  • TechnoPhReAky from Jahiki

    So Brad if you HAD done it, how would you do it? And when can we expect the book about it out?

  • I dont know u but after readin about what u write such as how to steal credic cards, how to tap to some ones phone, how to get revenge, go to people garbage collect infromation and fuck their life up,you talking about how to fuck up a employee working at 7/11 which u worked at before I Mean why would u write about that some one who is making a small money working at a store ur telling people to go there and fuck his shit up WelL Brad how to u feel if me and 10 of my peoples come over ur PLAce and FUck up ur Stupid Pepsi collectiong u have things u do seems like a little kid would do not a grown ass man with two kids. As far as RIchard video goes i think he has SOme very Intersting points about u and ur fucking PLA group and he is coming after u hard sO I know as u sleep every night ur mind is thinking about OH my god what if cops are coming after me WELL BE ready what if they are, I really think u have some explaining to do and as far as what people think about this ur fans say no u had nothing to do with Johnbenet and Richard is a retard out of his mind but the people that dont like u are defending Richard IM just telling u whats on my mind AND If u dont like it then U should delete this website.

  • yeah no fucking humour is allowed on the internet!

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