Mailing letters

I walked inside the post office today to mail a PLA t-shirt (notice the link I put there, hoping more people might buy PLA shirts.) and a husband and wife were in line. They were both complaining to each other about the man outside who was using the mail machine. (Whatever that thing is called that lets you skip the human at the counter) Their complaint was that the man had way too much to mail and that he was getting insurance on every package. They went on and on about it. And they even started bitching to me about it, hoping I would be as upset as they were. And I yelled back, “OH MY GOD! A man has come to the POST OFFICE and he’s MAILING STUFF!!! What a HUGE FUCKING JERK!”

Wait no, that’s only what I thought. I said nothing and just ignored them, so they continued to rant to each other about the man who had the audacity to come into a post office and mail his letters. I bet they’re at home, lying in bed right now, still complaining about that guy. I bet they go to Starbucks and complain about people there ordering coffee. And then they stand in line at the bank, amazed that the people in front of them are depositing checks. There wasn’t even a bad line today. They should come in around noon when the line is out the door and everyone is whining to each other that there’s only 3 people working at the counter. Those people have tried to get me involved in their complaining too. I avoid eye contact and say nothing.

Go ahead, make fun of me for writing a complaining rant about ranting complainers.


  • FUCK! Now I’m complaining about you complaining about complainers! Goddamn it Brad!

  • oh great, now im complaining about Tachyon complaining about brad complaining about complaining about a guy.way to go, i hope your house burns down.

  • why should people make fun of you for complaining about complainers? that’s what blogs are for.

  • Nova, why would you complain about Tychoon complaining about brad complaining about a guy?


    Oh dammit…

  • well aaron, maybe tachyon will complain about you complaining about me complaining about him complaining about brad complaining about some people complaining about a guy, just because you called him “tychoon”

  • Now Tachyon is complaining about Raptor complaining about Nova complaining about me complaining about Brad complaining about some people complaining, not only because he was mistakedly called “Tychoon”, but also because the only post for the last week has been about complaints, and that’s something worth complaining about.

  • Now I’m complaining because I HATE YOU ALL. Especially nova.


  • Hey matt, nice to see you hate your novagram service package and that you are complaining about it. so till next time, thanks for using novagram. kaboom motherf*cker

  • nah, just kidding. your pretty cool matt

  • every single one of you is a nutsucker

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