Weekend and HOPE

On Saturday I went on a 2.5 hour hike, then drove to Portland for a few hours. Saturday I took my longest jog ever – about 4.5 miles. Normally I only do about 2. Sunday I hung out with Sheila all day, hiking, geocaching, dinner and a movie. For the first time in my life, I paid more than $40 to fill up my gas tank. It’s now at least $4.00 everywhere. It’s about $20 just to drive to Portland, which is the same price to take an Amtrak there.

As much as I hate that Rick Astley song, I finished up a pretty decent parody of it this weekend, complete with a video. It’s going to be the introduction song for the PLA Panel at HOPE this year. I’m going to wait until HOPE starts to post it on YouTube.

I bought rollerblades yesterday so I can skate with Emily. We skated around on the street for awhile last night. It kills my ankles. We’ll probably end up going all the way to the park on them this weekend.


  • It will take a few times before your ankles wont kill you. I went skating with one of my daughters a few years ago. I was in such pain I could barely walk to bed.

  • a rick astley parody for HOPE?

    /me is scared


  • “I’m going to wait until HOPE starts to post it on YouTube.”


    “It kills my ankles.”

    Srsly. Why are they so freaking heavy?

  • Never gunna call you up
    never gunna ring your phone
    never gunna say cactus and prank you

    i haxed your gibson and stole the song

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