Defcon 2008

I’m going to Defcon tomorrow. If you’d like to contact me this weekend, you might try emailing MOBILE at, which will text my cell phone. You can also leave me a voice message at 541-550-2930. And Twitter will be texting me nonstop all weekend – I’ll probably think about even updating it myself occasionally. See you there!


  • have fun at defcon!

    i’m already inundated with twitters from the chicago 2600 folks…i appear to be the only chicago 2600 denizen who is not at defcon. idaho is far less interesting.

  • heh, you thank YOU Brad for making the show <3 and letting my sorry ass on it. anyways 2dial*Phreak may have died, but don’t forget pla music can be found at as well!! :)

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