In your grandma’s face, like a giant lump of botox

Remember when I used to write things here? Those were the days. I’ve been up to the normal, boring fun stuff lately. On Sunday I created a music video for Rappy Mcrapperson’s song called Welcome to the Shrubz and he put it on his YouTube channel. It’s made entirely out of clips from the 1990 movie Home Alone. Here’s that:

Weeks before that I finished up a song called Free Water, then spent another week making a video for it. I figured simply writing out the lyrics in block letters would be a quick, simple video, but I was wrong. It took a full week of evenings to put it all together. Never doing that one again. Here it is:

I’ve been reading The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury for the first time. I’ve got a few Bradbury books queued up on my Kindle and I plan to read all of them before the year is over. The only thing I’ve ever read by him before is Have Spacesuit, Will Travel and that was a couple years ago. Still hating that I didn’t read tons of science fiction growing up instead of tons of horror. Nice that Ray thinks kids will still be playing “kick the can” far into the future.

A month ago the kids and I went to PAX. Tonight we watched Now You See Me. What else. Oh yeah, there was my crippling Breaking Bad addiction these past few months. People have been telling me for years to watch that TV show, but I never did because a show about meth sounded incredibly boring. But holy crap, was I wrong. I think I watched all 4 seasons in a month. Then the half-season of 5 the following week, just in time for the show to finish up. Then I watched almost all of the episodes again with the kids because they got into it. Best show ever. I’ve never loved (and hated) characters so much.

And now I’m watching Stargate SG-1 for the first time ever. I’m nearly done with season 4, with 6 seasons to go. My entire life revolves around consuming media.

I bought an Android tablet – a Nexus 7. This is my third attempt at owning an Android device. The other two attempts weren’t good at all, but I love being abused so I’m giving it another try. It started off bad with constant crashes and lockups, but then I factory reset it and updated it to the latest version and it’s been relatively stable for the past month. I’m mostly using it to play The Simpsons Tapped Out game, but the main reason I bought it was to use as a soundboard for Madhouse shows, which has worked really well so far.


  • You should post more, even if it’s just about watching tv. It’d arguably less interesting, but it’s still a good idea.

  • Bradbury didn’t write HAVE SPACESUIT etc that was heinlien. Its one of my favorites though. You must be punished for your lack of information.

  • Whatever, JOHN! Same thing practically.

  • I’ve only read 2 things by Heinlien, both in the past few years. Never even heard of the guy when I was a kid. I guess this is my first Bradbury book, though I have heard a few of Bradbury’s stories in 1950’s radio shows. I recognized one from this book.

  • I read a lot of Bradbury in highschool as a loner geek-type person. Illustrated man was a favorite. I really liked his short stories. His horror is also good. I often can’t remember which are his, and which are Stephen King’s. I highly recommend ‘Skeleton’ and ‘The City’. Those stories have a firm spot in my brain that will never be removed till the day I die. Fun!

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