Brad’s Cactus Shack Episode 10b – Addiction Counseling

Back in February I was surprised to find out that I was sentenced to 12 weeks of a drug and alcohol abuse class, even though I’ve never had an issue with drugs or alcohol. I know you guys think I pound the 4lokos 24/7, but really I might drink a couple beers per week, usually on separate nights with my dinner, occasionally taking a break from all drinking for months at a time. I mostly drank during live shows at night, which I’ve mostly stopped doing because daytime shows are more convenient for me.

My crime didn’t involve weed or alcohol, but for whatever reason they seemed to think I need not one weekly 2-hour group session, but TWO weekly 2-hour group sessions, stretching out for 6 full months. The first class seemed aimed more at casual DUI and meth use offenders, but the second focused not only on overcoming your drug addictions, but adjusting to life on the outside after being in prison. I’ve also never been in prison.

I made this show the night after I came back from my first group session on February 21st, 2018, just trying to make sense of it all. I had planned to make a few more of these, but never got around to it.

For more information about my stint at the drug and alcohol classes, listen to episode 13 of Brad’s Cactus Shack, and watch episode 10 of the PLA Show.


  • Stay strong man. You’ll be free soo soon

  • What a freakin waste of public money. Maybe they were out of people to send to drug and alcohol counseling… I agree with your friend and you. I typed this before you even got to this part talking about it. I’ve never done drugs either and havent had a drink in many years, but seriously I think that the so-called “drug and alcohol counselors” are recovering addicts unless they’re degreed.

    Theres a video on YT that a friend showed me on how they make cocaine. I was laughing so hard its so horrible the crap they put in there. How can people put that ish in their body.

  • I just discovered this series and I wish you’d do more

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