Brad’s Cactus Shack Episode 13 – Drugs Are Bad Mkay

These BCS episodes have reached the level of boring to where I’m going through PAPERWORK for 90 minutes. In this one I peruse the notes written about me by counselors in my drug abuse classes. Apparently I stare at the floor a lot.

For more information about my six month stint in the drug and alcohol classes, listen to episode 10B of Brad’s Cactus Shack, and watch episode 10 of the PLA Show.


  • This is absolute nuts. It was as though they were trying to stigmatize you as an “addict” . I am actually shocked. Honestly the whole thing was stupid. I saw some of the judges statements about your calls to the Safeway customers and he acted as though you tried to kill them. I dont know what you said to them, but I have listened to you for quite awhle and yeah you could edit the shows and stuff but I have a really hard time imagining you saying anything really super awful to anyone.

    Brad also has a cat named Bernadette. Run and hide.

    I have to listen to those other shows… this isnt nuts its comedy.

  • If someone wasnt screwed up before going through that they would be after.

  • I think it’s awful they wasted resources like this on someone who didn’t need them. Glad you go through it.

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