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This is the official homepage for the Big Beef Bueno podcast. You might be wondering why I started yet another podcast when I already run the PLA Radio podcast. It’s because I’m bored, okay?? I also just wanted to do something a little more carefree that doesn’t have any expectations on it. So this is that podcast. The one that I don’t try very hard on.

If you’d like to subscribe to Big Beef Bueno, here is the RSS feed. You can also add me to your favorites at The Podcast Pickle. Below is the show archive.

Episode #7 – Rappy McRapperson Interview: 01/16/2011 – This 54 minute episode is a celebration of the genius that is Rappy McRapperson. It’s mostly an interview and separated by clips of my favorite Rappy music. For tons of more information about Rappy, click here for the official Rappy McRapperson interview page.

Episode #6 – Some Calls: 05/25/2007 – Mrs. Swastika, April The Slut, Brad Pitt and April Fools. The show runs about 13 minutes and 45 seconds.

Episode #5 – Tribute: 11/01/2006 – Some tribute type stuff to The Bastardcast, Nate and Di, and The RBPC Show. A call to an auto repair shop about urine, some voicemails and Beat The Geeks in Detroit. Music in this episode is mostly by Nerf Herder. The show runs about 14 minutes and 48 seconds.

Nate & Di
Nerf Herder on Wikipedia
Nerf Herder Myspace

Episode #4 – Bill Collectors: 10/13/2006 – This show contains a few miscellaneous calls that have happened in the past few months, including bill collectors, calling Dad on Father’s Day, tricking an Applebees guy, Internet, and the Sick Whispering Doctor Lady. And a voicemail. There’s lots of Lemon Demon music too. The show runs about 16 minutes and 40 seconds.

Episode #3 – 2006 Podcast Exposure: This show contains lots of sound clips from various podcasts that I’ve appeared on this year. Total running time is 20 minutes, 15 seconds. If you’re on a slow connection, you might prefer the 32kbps version.

Episode #2 – Interpretive LiveJournal: A few interpretive LiveJournal entry readings, performed by me, Murd0c, Jammie and CountyKid. To subscribe to Interpretive LJ, click here. The song at the end of this show is Hit Em Up by 2Pac. Total running time is 13 minutes, 28 seconds.

Episode #1 – Jammie: A collection of Jammie-related material, including calls to Jammie’s ex boyfriends, forcing Jammie to social engineer information out of Blockbuster Video (this is something that I didn’t end up using for PLA Radio Episode #8), Jammie’s voicemail messages to Adam Curry and a phone call to a hair salon that Jammie is visiting. Total running time is 20 minutes, 06 seconds.


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