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May 11

Delta Park voicemail

Click here to listen to the new Delta Park Project. Fast forward to exactly 20 minutes in the show and you’ll hear my voicemail for their “likes and dislikes” segment.

May 07

The Twisted Pickle

Last night I didn’t have much to do so I started searching around for some new podcasts to listen to and I happened upon a show called The Twisted Pickle. Now, I’ve been a podcast addict pretty much since the beginning of January and I’ve found a lot of really good and entertaining shows. And …

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Apr 05

My late dog Popper

Go listen to this podcast: Delta Park Project. Forward to 17 minutes and 15 seconds and you’ll hear me sing a sensitive and touching ode to my late dog Popper. That’s the same podcast I first heard Re Your Brain on.

Apr 05

Podcasts, pictures

Picked up the kids from school, hung around the house for awhile, then rode bikes to the park. I’ve been trying to teach Payton to ride a bike for the past few weeks and he’s getting better. Today he had his first crash, right into a wall. It’s my fault. No crying or anything, though, …

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Mar 24

My favorite podcasts

I’ve been a real podcast whore since about January. It’s pretty much all I listen to lately. I barely even listen to music anymore, although I’m sure all this is just a phase. Here’s a few links to podcasts that I’ve been on or pissed off or whatever… RBPC Show Episode #9 There’s a whole …

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