The Twisted Pickle

Last night I didn’t have much to do so I started searching around for some new podcasts to listen to and I happened upon a show called The Twisted Pickle. Now, I’ve been a podcast addict pretty much since the beginning of January and I’ve found a lot of really good and entertaining shows. And I don’t know exactly what it is about this show that I like so much, but I’m completely hooked on it. I listened to 3 episodes last night before going to bed. Then this morning I woke up and immediately started listening to more of them. I just added the show lengths together and I’m on my 8th hour of listening to this show and I’m not even close to being tired of it. It’s just really really good stuff.

It’s done by a guy named Corby in Nebraska and I can’t say there’s really anything particularly special about the show. He doesn’t do skits or pranks or play lots of music. He just talks about his average, ordinary life and it’s so…enlightening. Inspiring, maybe? I guess it’s just his delivery or something. He’s a good story teller and can make the most boring and mundane things interesting.

There is one very interesting twist to his show – his wife has no idea that he does a show. He’s been doing this podcast for over a year now and is up to 72 episodes. He’s got a domain name for it, a Frappr map, a Myspace and hundreds of listeners. He even went to the podcast expo. And his wife has no clue at all. Apparently his addiction to Everquest several years ago almost ended their marriage and he was afraid, when he first started the podcast, that she would disapprove of him getting involved with a new computer hobby. Which I suppose I can completely understand. He says he’s been trying to tell her for awhile now, but he just can’t do it.

So he continues to do this amazing show whenever she’s away. He’ll even record bits while she’s outside or in the shower or whatever. Even his 2-year-old daughter participates in the shows. It just seems insane, keeping something like this from your wife for over a year. It’s like he’s a celebrity and his wife has no idea. I sent him an email earlier today, telling him how great he was, and I suggested several ways to confess to her. My suggestions included sitting her down at the computer and doing a show with her where he confessed everything. Or writing the city newspaper with the story. Or going on Springer.

So I’ve rambled on for 4 paragraphs now about how great of a show it is. So it must be good, right? Go listen to it. His website is If you’ve never listened to a podcast before, this is a great one to get started on.

About me…I have no kids this weekend. I won’t see them until Tuesday and this means that I’m incredibly bored. Although listening to The Twisted Pickle sure has entertained me a lot today. I biked to downtown today for lunch and then wandered around town, looking at various antique shops. I noticed a new store (I think it’s new) called Every Witch Way. They have tarot card readings there and all kinds of crazy witchy things. So Jammie, I finally found a place to get our fortunes read! Since every attempt we’ve made at that in New York has failed somehow.

Oh yeah, that sandwich place rules. It’s $1.00 cheaper than Subway (for what I normally get) and they have better seating and newspapers to read. So I’ve gone there almost every day this week, lounging around and reading the paper. Oh yeah, and they have Fritos! Neither of the Subways in Albany has Fritos. How the fuck can you eat lunch without any Fritos?? So this place is great just for their Fritos.

Stopped by the mall today and ended up buying a Flash MX book. I kind of thought learning Flash would be relatively easy, being all graphical and point and clicky. But it’s really not. So I bought a book, mostly for reference. Before buying the book I wrote down the name and author and went next door to Radio Shack used their speedy 56k internet connection to check Amazon to make sure it was a recommended book. I think that’s about the 3rd time I’ve visited this Radio Shack just to quickly use their internet connection and then leave. I could have saved about $5.00 by buying it on Amazon, but I’m a sucker for instant gratification.

Also went in Target to buy a few groceries. And to look for some Pez to stealthily put back into Emily’s room since I stole a couple packs from her. I couldn’t help it, they were there and looked delicious. In fact, it’s Emily’s fault because she left some clothes in the living room which I had to return to her room. I wouldn’t have seen the Pez if it hadn’t been for that. Target didn’t have any Pez, though. Maybe I’ll try Fred Meyer tomorrow.

Also this morning I worked on some promos for PLA Radio. They’re here:

PLA Radio Promos

With the Woodrow promo, I originally tried to call Orvil from Episode #6 but he wouldn’t play along. His wife is now screening his calls very well. I finally did get him on the phone but he hung up very quickly when he didn’t understand what I was talking about. In Episode #6, he told his wife that he thought I was with some “French radio outfit” or something like that. Maybe Orvil had an altercation with the French radio outfit after I called him for episode #6.

I also tried Mildred Monday and she was equally uncooperative. But I did speak with Mildred and I was happy to hear that she was still alive! I don’t think I’d spoken with Mildred since the 1990’s. We’d always reach her son or get a busy signal or it would just ring forever. I was sure she was dead. My original contact with her was in 1993 so it seems like she’d have plenty of time to die between then and now. She sounded just as healthy and snappy as I remember her.

Tomorrow I expect to be uneventful too. I was thinking of going to the movies all day. One theater has four movies in it that I would sort of consider seeing. The Benchwarmers, Mission Impossible 3, Scary Movie 4 and RV. None of them are worth the $7.00 alone, but if I were to sneak into all of them throughout the day I’m only paying $1.75 per movie so that’s a pretty good deal. It’s also supposed to be a little cold and rainy tomorrow so I could wear my coat and sneak in plenty of food and drinks for the day. On the other hand, I could live without ever seeing any of those movies. They all look pretty horrible.

It’s been a really crappy year for movies so far this year. Nothing really great has come out at all. Even the kids movies, which I normally enjoy, have sucked. I don’t even know what’s scheduled for this summer. Superman might be good. But I’m doubting it.

Podcasts, pictures

Picked up the kids from school, hung around the house for awhile, then rode bikes to the park. I’ve been trying to teach Payton to ride a bike for the past few weeks and he’s getting better. Today he had his first crash, right into a wall. It’s my fault. No crying or anything, though, he just got up and walked the rest of the way to the park. Stayed there for over an hour. Emily and I rode around the block a few times while Payton played with friends. Every time we leave the park, this cat a few blocks away greets us and we pet it for 5 or 10 minutes. It’s Payton’s favorite part about leaving. Today it was there again, as always.

Tonight we did homework, watched Sliders and ate macaroni. The kids are both addicted to the old TV show Sliders these past few weeks. I think I mentioned that in a previous journal entry. All they want to do is watch it. I downloaded all 5 seasons recently so I have them all. They’ll sit and watch 3 or 4 45 minute episodes in a row if I let them. Payton tells me about Sliders dreams he’s had at night and I’ve noticed him naming his lego men after Sliders characters when playing. They’ve been jumping all over the place, watching all the episodes from the different seasons. They’ve probably watched at least 2 full seasons by this point, but completely at random.

Not a whole lot else going on with my life lately. I bought a bike at Target last week but haven’t ridden much by myself yet. Emily and I went around the block a lot over the weekend, though. Been filling up my free time working on podcasts, listening to podcasts and working on the new forums and getting the web site back in full operation since the move to a new server. The new server rules. Everything works, my email forwards properly now, all the PHP works, it’s fast, I have normal access logs again. I wish I’d done this years ago.

I’m really addicted to the podcasting thing still. I’m really enjoying making my shows and listening to others. I can’t believe I’ve already put out 6 episodes in just 2 months with very little effort. Well, okay, 5. You can’t really count the email episode. I’m also spending lots of time finding new podcasts to listen to. I’m completely losing touch with music because of them. Jammie asked if I’d heard the new Eminem song the other day and I had no idea what she was talking about. I need to download that album.

Speaking of podcasts and music…everyone must listen to Re Your Brains RIGHT NOW. I’ve let several people hear this today and everyone loves it. Especially Payton. I’ve probably played it 20 times today. Jonathan Coulton’s website has lots of music on it, but that one’s definitely my favorite.

I haven’t done a dump of my camera phone lately. So here it is…

Me trying to appear even more nerdier than usual in my thrift store shirt a few weeks ago. I was trying to find an address awhile back and found this pond where you could feed fish.
When my ignition stopped working last month, I left my car in McDonald’s parking lot over night. When I came back the next morning, this was on my window. While waiting for the locksmith to arrive, I wrote this on the bottom of it, planning to stick it on their delivery door. But since the manager actually came out and talked to me a short while later, I didn’t.
Drug the kids to the laundrymat with me last week, but since they had tables there we turned it into a pizza party. Snapped this picture earlier today, attempting to give Jammie a little encouragement for her speech in class.
Payton rock climbing at the park today. Emily riding my new bike at the park today.

My favorite podcasts

I’ve been a real podcast whore since about January. It’s pretty much all I listen to lately. I barely even listen to music anymore, although I’m sure all this is just a phase. Here’s a few links to podcasts that I’ve been on or pissed off or whatever…

RBPC Show Episode #9 There’s a whole story behind this one which was lost when the RBPC Show forums crashed last month. And I sure don’t feel like going into it right now. But it has to do with their forum members accusing me of cheating on my Podcastalley votes. If you fast forward to 4 minutes and 25 seconds, you’ll hear them spend a minute talking about what a cheater I am.

RBPC Show Episode #10 Fast forward to 4 minutes and you’ll hear an angry voicemail message from me. I don’t do angry too good, though. I think Pez thanks me on the end of this one too. Click here for more RBPC Show episodes.

Lazy Radio Episode 2.11 About seven minutes and 40 seconds into this show, Melissa & John play Relay Operators in Love on their show and talk about how immature and mean relay pranking is. Here is more Lazy Radio for you.

BellCore Radio Episode #21 P(?)NYB(?)Y strains to convince listeners that PLA Radio isn’t that bad. Listen to more BellCore Radio. If there’s an RSS feed for this show, I sure can’t find it. P(?)NYB(?)Y, make a feed!

PLA Radio Goddammit, if you’re reading this journal you better be listening to PLA Radio or YOU’RE NOT MY FRIEND.

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