2600 Meeting, October 1998

Friday, October 2, 1998: 2600 meeting. Spuds doesn’t show up so of course bad things happen. About 45 minutes into the meeting, a young security guard walks up to our group and stands there for a few seconds. “What’s going on here?” he asks. Everyone stares in silence. This is a weird thing because our group has always been rather tame and security has never seemed to bother us before except the incident two months ago where one of the older guards came over and politely asked us to stop pointing our laser pens at the people on the escalators.

“You guys can’t be sitting here like this,” he says. “Like what,” we ask. He tells us we have to sit at the tables and can’t have our chairs pushed away from the tables or out in the isles, although I glace around the food court and notice that we’re not the only ones breaking this rule. Everyone complies and the result is about 4 little miniature 2600 meetings instead of the usual big 2600 meeting. No big deal, nobody complains and after he leaves we have a good laugh about it. Then a few minutes later, the guard comes back with reinforcements.

He brings another guard with him, points to Vampyre and says, “That’s the one.” This is Vampyre’s first time to a 2600 meeting and we’re all wondering what’s going on. The guard makes him stand up, then tells him he needs to put his coat on because the back of his t-shirt has foul language on it. This is true so Vampyre puts his coat on and that’s the end of it. Security kind of left us alone the rest of the night but they kept walking by and giving us evil looks every 15 minutes or so.

Other than that, it’s your average boring meeting. Lots of people show up, a bunch of gang bangers walk over to one table and tell Wraith, “You the ugliest motha fucka I ever seen” and informs us all that halloween isn’t until the 31st. Everyone immediately whips out their Day Runners and organizers to jot down this bit of useful information as the gang bangers leave. I go home around 9:00 so if anything interesting happened after that, I sure missed it.

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