Lemon Demon

Biked to lunch at Wendy’s yesterday. On the way back, was passing the Pix theater and noticed Little Miss Sunshine was playing there and that it started in just 10 minutes. So I saw it. Me and several dozen really old people. It was a great movie.

Also, last night, I heard a couple of really great songs by a band called Lemon Demon on a podcast I was listening to. Today I found their website and their Myspace. And they’re amazing. Go listen right now:


Listen to the song called The Ultimate Showdown. And then watch the video for Word Disassociation. Great stuff. I convinced Altalp that they were great and she bought one of their CDs online and let me download all the tracks from it too. I’m going to buy the other 2 CDs as soon as I have some money.

A huge thanks goes to Smart Bomb Radio who played Lemon Demon on their podcast.

EDIT: I knew I recongized his voice! Lemon Demon used to be known as Trapezoid and is the guy behind the Ebaum’s World Sucks song. Also there’s a video for The Ultimate Showdown.

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