Desktop Tower Defense completed!

I can have my life back! Today, at approximately 3:30pm, I completed every level of Desktop Tower Defense! I finished all the levels months ago, except for the “10K GOLD” Fun Mode. It was nearly impossible. But I’ve finally beat that one! You think its easy? Try it yourself at A big fuck you to murd0c who introduced me to this game earlier this year. It’s been 0wning my life ever since.

I pledge to never visit that website again. I was actually thinking about setting up some parental controls on my computer that would block that website. I’ve been wasting hours a day on this stupid thing. Wonder why there hasn’t been a new PLA Radio in months? It’s because of this game. I’m actually serious. Everyone blame murd0c. Wow, what am I going to do with all this new free time? My life seems so open now. The possibilities are endless!

If anyone notices a new version of this game coming out, DO NOT TELL ME ABOUT IT!


  • There is a multiplayer version of this, where you go against other players live. Its called The Casual Collective.

    They have this game, and a few others. I am addicted to it, but since there is no fixed goal(other than beating the other players) you can’t really beat it. Its currently invite only but if you want, I’ll hook you up.


  • hi, Desktop tower defense is by far one of the coolest, addicting games out there

  • Yeah, Tachyon is right! You should spend more time on PLA and less time on stupid, pointless games. Or not.

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