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I’ve been occasionally working on my homepage these past few weeks. Mostly in the side bar areas. Over there on the right you’ll see a new section called Podcasts I Like. I need to fill that up because I listen to a lot of podcasts. But for now, there’s the few that I listen to the most. Also on the right are links to other web sites. That was always there, but I added a couple new ones. Most notably, Spessas. If you don’t see it, refresh a couple times and it’ll pop up.

On the left sidebar you’ll see all kinds of journal archive options. First there are random journal entries, then old entries by category and then old entries by month and year. Exciting, eh?

No kids this weekend. Bored. Went by Molly’s and picked up a FREE matress for Emily, saving $100 that I planned to spend on one soon. And drove around Corvallis and Salem, picking up some 500 gig hard drives. Transferring tons of data to a 500 gig drive is taking forever. No idea what I’m doing tomorrow. Maybe I’ll stay in all day and get things organized around here.

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