Myspace friend requests

Is it just me or does everyone get dozens of fake Myspace friend requests every day? It’s really getting out of control. And having to delete that many requests whenever I go online sucks.

9/24 UPDATE: I looked at the Myspace account settings today and found that they have CAPTCHA verification options for friend requests. All I had to do was turn it on. So my nonstop friend requests will probably stop now.


  • Yeah that happens quite often, sometimes you have to put your profile on private when it gets too bad.

  • It does make for a pretty funny screencap though, when two fake people with different names use the same fake picture.

  • I’ve gotten multiple requests from different people with the same picture in the same day before but never 8 pages worth of fake friend requests. That has to be some sort of record.

    (A sexy record that can be viewed by clicking this link to visit my webpage where you can see more pictures and chat with me live on my webcam.)

  • Where are you seeing the captcha for friend request settings? I can’t find it anywhere. There’s a “spam” section in account settings, but it’s blank.

    It used to be on any Saturday you would get 20-30 friend requests. What I do is add them as friends, leave a profile comment saying it’s a fake profile(in a big font), then delete. They caught on.

  • Teebo – it’s under the spam settings. No idea why it wouldn’t be there for you. Weird…

  • You can also set your age to “Under 18” and that will stop most of them from adding you.

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