The Mist

Cat in the christmas tree

The cat is really enjoying the Christmas tree so far. He’s been climbing all over it for hours now.

Kids and I went to the movies today. Saw The Mist and then Enchanted. They say they liked The Mist better. It was a great movie, but wow, what a messed up ending. (The only part of the book they changed. The book didn’t really even have an ending.)

A couple months ago I signed up for a magazine subscription to help Emily with some school thing she was doing. I got a 24 month subscription to Wired for a good price. Today I got the magazine and read through it all. The only problem is that I’d already read almost all of the stories in it during this past month. Since I subscribe to dozens of blogs, reading a tech magazine is pretty pointless for me. It sucks wading through all those ads too. I might just transfer the subscription to someone who wants it.


  • But BRAD, Wired is a great magazine!

    I read it for the reviews of blenders and the feature on the last page. I’ve had a subscription for like 8 years now. It’s really cool to look back at the ancient issues. I found a PC gamer magazine from 2001 the other day, the ads for PC’s were so dated…

  • I’d like it if you are giving it away.

  • I hate all the ads in magazines today so I only read SWAT and Soldier of Fortune now. And Cannabis Culture has ads but they’re not any any other magazine so they’re cooler. The Internet puts me ahead of anything on earth in print anyway.

  • 2600 doesn’t have any ads.

  • Why don’t you just fill out a “Free One Year Trial” card? I’ve been getting Rolling Stone for years now, and all I have to do is make up a fake name and send it another card when my subscription is about to expire. So far I’ve been doing it for about four years and it’s worked great.

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