Windows Vista Stickers

A couple weeks ago, blog after blog began featuring these stickers from that read “Now Slower and with More Bugs!” I ordered a set of 10 and they arrived in the mail a few days later. The obvious thing to do with these stickers is slap them on copies of Windows Vista. A few blogs have shown people sticking it on their own copies of Vista, but so far I haven’t seen anyone put them on software in stores. So I stopped by Target today and stuck a few on some Microsoft products.

I accidentally put one on upsidedown since I was trying to be all stealthy about it.

You can order these stickers from

UPDATE @ 4:45PM: I was out again today and stickered some more products. What was it, you ask? Apple software? Intuit? Linux? Nope, just some grocery items at Albertsons…

As I was snapping a picture of the Tampax (with the flash on) a girl walked by me with her cart. I’m sure she saw the flash and probably wondered why I would be taking pictures of tampons. A minute later she was blocking the isle and I was just kind of hanging out, waiting for her to move. She looked over at me and said sorry. I told her it was no problem, I wasn’t in a hurry and was just browsing. In the tampon isle.

I’ve still got 3 stickers left. Any suggestions?

UPDATE on Sunday: The Evil Mad Scientist site posted my pictures and some of the users there think I’m a horrible person because of it! They’re saying things like “That is illegal, and disgusting. Regardless of your loyalties, that is just uncalled for.” and “Ridiculous, childish and weak, weak humor. Vandalism is a sign of vacant creativity.” What a bunch of boring prudes! I should start putting “This product causes cancer!” stickers on merchandise and see how they react.


  • pwn3d! Ur so st00pid. Know I no ur address, u didn’t no u took a picture of it LOL!

  • Oh god I didn’t notice you were on Tampon Island! Or on one of the isles of tampon, south of France! Send a postcard, plzkthnx!

    You’re the world’s worst speller, Brad.

  • Some kind of insect killer products, preferably ones that advertise speed and/or have a lot of insects on their packaging.

    Well h4x0rd.

  • Fabulous. Love the photos!

  • Good god Brad, why the tampons?Really weird but whatever man.

    i think I might just buy some of these for the local car dealership.

  • Look up “passive aggressive”. That’s you.

  • Brilliant! Put the “slower, buggier” sticker on a car!


    Prehaps on some gateway or emachine computers on display. Maybe a top of the line laptop :)

    It’s cool that you got on the front page of the blog,

    I had some stickers that said “Actual Size!” that I entertained myself putting on giant iPod posters and such, also, I got some stuckers from zug that said “Signed by Author.”

    Put those on “Diary of Anne Frank”
    and some Shakespeare…

  • So let’s get this right, you paid money to buy the stickers so you could take pictures and put them on your blog?

    And then you stuck the stickers on Tampons and Breakfast Cereal?

    You need to get out more.

  • RAAAA HAAAA! That absolutely made my day. I love it, brilliant.

  • Props bud, good joke. Don’t let the Evil Mad Scientist readers get you down, youth is all about doing stuff like this for absolutely no reason.

  • Blenders, coffee makers, rice cookers, matrix DVDs, insect repellant, vaccuum cleaners, hairdryers, electric toothbrushes, microwave ovens…

  • What about one of those M$ cars with “Ford Sync” inside?

  • Good idea, but I need some really big ones (size of billboards) to put up on my property with an arrow pointing to my slob neighbor’s property. One posted on the back of his head wouldn’t be a bad idea, either.

  • No seriously the people dissing this post should **** ***!!! That is just great I think I’m going to purchase some of those stickers myself that’s hilarious! Thanks for the good laugh! =)

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